Bonitas Best Hospital Plans for Families

    March 14, 2016

    Hospital plans such as the Bonitas best hospital plans pay for your medical bills while you’re in hospital – your hospital stay – those bills for doctors as well as medication.

    Medical aid hospital plans also pay for chronic medication when you are already out of hospital.

    There are some medical aid hospital plans that can cost as little as R600 per month but the best hospital plan will depends on your affordability – certainly if you can buy more cover, you’ll enjoy more benefits.

    The biggest benefit that hospital plans provide is protection against the financial calamity of a person being hospitalised without any financial protection.

    Your 4th and Subsequent Children Covered Free of Charge

    Bonitas best hospital plans are better suited to healthier individuals who can’t afford the premiums that come with medical aid plans. Bonitas Medical Scheme is one of the largest medical aid providers in South Africa and they believe that everyone has the right to live a Bonitas Logohealthy life.

    The Bonitas best hospital plans offer a wide range of medical options, and their hospital plans offer true value for money. If you have more than 3 children, the 4th one and all those the follow are covered free of charge. The Scheme complies with all aspects of the Medical Schemes Act. They offer some worthwhile benefits like –

    • On-site consultants.
    • Specialist network.
    • Healthy solvency.
    • Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) at private hospitals.
    • HIV tests.
    • Large GP network.
    • Flu vaccination per member per year.
    • Infant paediatric benefits as well as a childhood illness benefit.


    More Benefits from Bonitas

    Bonitas best hospital plans offer security during sudden illnesses or emergencies, and they also offer savings plans which cover day to day medical expenses. There are a number of hospital plans to choose from with Bonitas that will cover you and your family. Their most affordable plan is BonCap, a hospital network option, which provides up to R500000 for hospital care Bonitas Best Hospital Plansannually.

    The Bon Essential plan offers in-hospital cover in any private hospital in South Africa as well as unlimited cover for 27 chronic conditions as well as maternity benefits. Other benefits include –

    • Unlimited in-hospital paramedical services.
    • Emergency medical transportation.
    • Limited take home medication for each hospital stay.
    • Unlimited overall annual limit.
    • Unlimited GP and specialist benefits as well as pathology in-hospital benefits.
    • Access to the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology.

    This is a pretty comprehensive plan and also covers mental health, renal dialysis, oncology, organ transplants and physical rehabilitation among others. The main member will pay roughly R1 300, an adult dependent R1000 and a child dependent roughly R390.

    Included in this hospital plan price are all 27 chronic conditions as set out in the prescribed minimum benefits (PMB). Everything that goes with hospitalisation is covered, but the Bonitas hospital plan doesn’t cover day-to-day expenses.

    Bonitas Best Hospital Plans Mean Access to Quality Health Care

    The aim of Bonitas is to simply allow you and your family to have access to quality health care so they offer a range of products which simply give members more value for money. They take care of everything while you simply worry about your recovery.

    Joining Bonitas is easy too, and on their website, you simply fill in your details and a friendly and helpful consultant will call you back and guide you on the path towards providing the most adequate health care for your family.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing