Discovery Hospital Plan Quote

    December 8, 2015

    If you are on a medical aid scheme and have decided to opt to a hospital plan instead, then Discovery is the perfect place to start. In just 3 quick and easy steps, you will be able to get a Discovery Hospital Plan Quote.

    The purpose of these quotes is to, after assessing your needs, educate yourself on what’s on offer and compare and contrast plans. Age, income, dependents and location are taken into account, and Discovery provide fields with their online form to filter your options by premiums, out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles etc.

    Discovery Hospital Plan Quote – Don’t Stress about Medical Aid Jargon

    Few of us have the time to bother with the jargon of hospital plans and Discovery make it easier by sending you quotes that match your salary and health requirements.

    Discovery’s promise to their clients is to make you healthier. They are constantly looking out for Discovery Hospital Plan Quoteways to enhance and protect their patient’s lives. With a Discovery hospital plan quote, they will look at your salary, your age and lifestyle, and advise you on their comprehensive medical aid plans or hospital plans. Their products and services have been designed to offer real value, real protection and real efficiency, and their goal is to be the best insurance organisation in the world.

    Discovery Hospital Plan Quote – Wide variety of Quote Choices

    Discovery offers plans to suit their clients clients needs and budget. They offer their -Executive Plan

    • The Comprehensive Series
    • The Priority Series
    • The Saver Series
    • The Core Series
    • The KeyCare Series

    You can’t afford not to look on Discovery’s website to compare their plans and get a Discovery hospital plan quote. You can either request a quote online or give them a call. If you are looking for a hospital plan, Discovery’s KeyCare Series offers unlimited hospital cover in a hospital listed under the Discovery network of hospitals.

    On the website, you will find plenty of online brochures that you can download which discusses each option in detail, allowing you to freely make your choice and get the Discovery hospital plan quote of your choice.

    Discovery Hospital Plan Quote – The Delta Hospital Network

    With the Delta option you will be covered in full when you use the network of hospitals from Discovery. For instance, on the Coastal Plan, you will go to a hospital in one of South Africa’s four coastal provinces for a planned admission and you will be able to use a doctor or specialist that Discovery has a payment arrangement with.

    Members on the Discovery Health Delta Plan will choose hospitals and day-clinics found on Discovery Health Quotesthe Delta Hospital Network. This is because outside of this, you would pay over R5000 upfront to a hospital not on the network. The Essential Delta Core – Value-for-money hospital plan offers you unlimited private hospital care and cover.

    If you are a member you will receive full cover for specialists that Discovery has a payment arrangement with up to 100% of Discovery Health Rates for other healthcare professional providers. Benefits also include cover for a list of about 271 conditions, most of emergency conditions as well and 27 chronic conditions. These include HIV and AIDS. Detailed information is available on the website.

    Discovery Hospital Plan Quote – Don’t wait

    Look after you and your family’s health and get a Discovery hospital plan quote as soon as possible, you will be so relieved you did, your stress levels will be something the doctor won’t have to worry about.

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