Bestmed Hospital Plan

    August 26, 2014

    Staying in hospital can be stressful, but when you are worrying about how you are going to pay all your medical bills, it can set you back mentally and physically and may require an even longer stay there. That’s the reason you should look at getting a Bestmed Hospital plan right now.

    Small wonder that some medical aids such as Discovery, offer their Discovery Vitality wellness programme which actually rewards their members for getting healthier.

    Members get Vitality points and rewards, and in becoming more healthy, health care costs and a stay in hospital are drastically reduced. Bestmed Hospital Plan offers their own benefits and members can enjoy a plan which caters specifically for their differing needs and budgets.

    Bestmed Hospital Plan

    Bestmed Hospital PlanKnown as Pace Range, the Bestmed Hospital Plan offers members 4 options in their Pace range, Pace 1, 2, 3 and 4 and 2 options in their Pulse Range.

    When you start to compare medical aid schemes in South Africa, you will find that between Discovery Medical Aid which offers 6 different hospital plans in their Core series, their Discovery Health Hospital Plan is for anyone who wants quality hospital cover an emergency situation.

    Bestmed hospital plan can help you cope with all those unexpected expenses for each day you spend in hospital. Bestmed has been around for some 50 years and one of their claims to fame is their ability to pay back 99.2% of all claims within 15 days.

    Compare Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa

    When you compare medical schemes, you will find that Resolution Health and Pharos Medical Plan for instance provide different health care options. Pharos offers income related health care options, children under 1 qualify for discounts and members have their own dedicated professional nurse to offer medical support and advice.

    The Bonitas hospital plan is known as BonCap and the plan comes with a network of optometrists, dentists, hospital as well as pharmacies whose services they will cover at 100% of the Bonitas tariff. For lower income groups they can get a plan in the region of R615 a month and enjoy benefits such as chronic medicine benefits, out of hospital benefits, supplementary benefits as well as day to day expenses.

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    In South Africa, it is only a small percentage of the population; less than 20% in fact, who have medical aid, and hospital plans from the different medical aids are a cheaper, more popular choice.

    Discovery Health and their Affordable KeyCare Range

    What the public like about the Bestmed Hospital Plan is that when compared with Discovery Health, the biggest medical aid in South Africa, they feel Bestmed understands their needs better and that as a smaller medical aid they keep in touch with their health needs and are also continuously monitoring claims to improve their services.

    Discovery Health offers various plans designed to provide every possible level of health care for their members. With the Discovery hospital plan, two in their KeyCare range, members are not able to choose the hospital where they want to have treatment. These hospital cover plans cater for full cover in a previously approved network of hospitals.

    Also covered is cost of specialist treatment if the specialist participates in the KeyCare program. Members can also receive treatment in the casualty unit of any of the approved hospitals in the KeyCare network, but they first have to put down R185 for consultation.

    Don’t Let Health Problems Catch You Off Guard

    A sudden illness or accident could bankrupt you. When you are comparing hospital plans, it is better to select a more basic one that you can afford than the more costly comprehensive plan that you battle to pay each month. The beauty of the Bestmed Hospital Plan is that that you can apply online and they promise to finalise everything within a day or two. What members appreciate is that as their financial status improves, Bestmed is able to upgrade their cover whenever they wish.

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