Sizwe Medical Aid Offer Hospital Plans Too

    February 18, 2020

    Compared to larger schemes such as Bonitas Medical Aid and Discovery Medical Aid, Sizwe Medical Aid is not as well known. It was formed a long while ago, in 1978 with the intention of providing affordable health care across the country and catered particularly for South Africans.

    Why Sizwe Medical Aid?

    By understanding member’s needs, the scheme claims to have developed a range of products that offer peace of mind and comfort to members by providing access to optimal medical care.

    The One-stop solution

    Offering a one stop solution to suit all members, the scheme works for low paid manual workers, as well as the most senior executives in a corporation. It also includes a number of effective wellness programs designed to help members manage chronic conditions such as Sizwe Medical Aiddiabetes and other medical expenses.

    Sizwe medical Aid is one of those programs that provides a range of benefits for its members and it’s schemes are designed to ensure members get quality medical care when the need it.

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    Hospital Management Program

    The Sizwe medical aid Hospital Management Program is designed to ensure that hospital needs are met and that once authorisation has been approved by the plan, a case manager is assigned to ensure they receive the best possible care and treatment as determined by the level of plan the member has.

    Chronic Medicine Program

    This Sizwe medical aid program allows members to gain access to a range of medications not offered with the day to day plans. Members can apply to join this plan and will require a medical assessment before being accepted.

    HIV/AID Management Program

    This Sizwe medical aid program is run by a team of experts including doctors, pharmacists and nurses as well as specialists intent on promoting early diagnosis and education as well as adherence to treatment plans. This combined approach is proven to keep members healthy and fit. On-going counselling is also a recommended benefit on this plan.

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    Wellness Program

    Chronic conditions that are managed well often mean less hospitalisation and this is what the intended benefit of this plan is. By focussing on a combination of health and well-being, this plan from Sizwe educates members about their condition and how they can best manage it themselves. Lifestyle adaptations if implemented properly can seriously reduce the need for hospitalisation. Conditions managed in this way include:

    • High cholesterol
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes
    • Mental health

    Dental Benefit Program

    The Dental Benefit Program from Sizwe medical aid offers access to quality medical treatment to provide good oral health. With no financial limits, the benefits can be endless. Sizwe medical aid dental benefits include treatment for good oral health as well as dental emergencies although non-essential treatments such as cosmetic dentistry, bridges, and gold inlays are not covered.

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