Medical costs go up every year. Get a great hospital plan now and save.

    March 12, 2018

    Would you like to have the best health care in case of an illness? A list of great Hospital plans below is the perfect way to safeguard against the unexpected.

    As a member of a hospital plan, you receive care when you need it, at a price you can afford.

    Hospital plans include cover for MRI and CT scans, PMBs and some maternity cover.

    You can afford to add members to your plan, which is why it is the best option for young families with a small budget.

    Find great Hospital plans Here – and Decide

    Great Hospital PlansFedhealth –

    Maxima Core Grid is a level above a basic plan. You get unlimited cover at the Fedhealth rate and access to network hospitals.

    You also receive median level cover for high-cost treatment, oncology, organ transplants and so on. On top of that, you have access to GP’s and other specialists. Chronic cover extends to PMB’s only and there are no hospital benefits included.

    Maxima Entry Zone hospital plan supplies chronic cover for 25 PMB’s at a linked network  and no limit hospital cover at 100% Fedhealth rate. MRI and CT scans are included plus emergencies and a 30-day-long post-hospital benefit.

    Maxima Core supplies a no limit cover at 100% Fedhealth rates and basic benefits for a list of 25 conditions. It provides MRIs and CTs, as well as a 30-day post-hospital benefit. Members can adjust the plan as their needs change over time.


    MediCore is the best option for young and healthy people who want access to network hospitals. Under this plan procedures are paid at 200% of the scheme rate. Moreover, it includes PMB and chronic medical benefits for 26 conditions.

    Bonitas –

    Hospital Plus provides cover at 200% of the Bonitas rate and valid countrywide.

    Hospital Standard plan is the perfect match for people needing entry level cover.

    BonEssential plan has a no limit hospital stay anywhere in the country at 100% of the rate. As a member you also get chronic benefits.

    Great Hospital plans continued

    Genesis – 

    Private plan fits the needs of a big family (R415 per child). It has limited cover for dialysis and mental health.

    Private Choice hospital plan provides full in-hospital benefits at 100% of scale. You are free to select any provider. The plan supplies basic dentistry. Overall, it is a great choice for families, with only R370 payable per child.

    Momentum –

    Momentum Custom Option hospital plan guarantees no limit cover in any hospital. Maternity benefits, car accidents and emergency treatments and other major benefits come at a cost of R1300. Savings may be added via the health saver.

    Resolution Health offers full in-hospital benefits at 100% of the scheme’s rate. Includes casualty benefits in case of emergencies and a no limit hospital stay.

    Coastal Core  This plan has limitless access when it comes to coastal hospitals, and in non-coastal local areas. It also guarantees screening tests and covers some chronic conditions.

    Discovery Health –

    The Classic Zero MSA plan gives a private hospital stay cover at 200%. It is an optimal choice for those that need full chronic cover and many benefits.

    Essential Delta Core Network gives members access to a hospital network, covers travel abroad and evacuation services in African countries.

    Essential Core gives members free access to local hospitals. It covers travel emergencies and evacuation in certain African countries.

     Classic Delta Core Network covers a stay in a local hospital and comes with emergency travel cover. Evacuation in certain African countries is also included.

    Classic Core allows for a stay at any private clinic locally. Cover for overseas trips and travel in certain African countries.

    All info was correct at time of publishing