Cost of Full Medical Aid from Fedhealth

    May 21, 2016

    It isn’t unusual to hear that people who don’t belong to a medical scheme have to sell their homes to pay for hospital bills. We’ve all heard how the benefits of cancer patients’ run out with some medical aids. That’s why full medical aid from Fedhealth is worth considering.

    There are those who reckon that medical aid rules are confusing to members. There are members who are unhappy that specialists charge what they like simply because there are no standard tariffs or regulations.

    Regardless of all the criticism medical aids face, for many South Africans, they look upon medical aid as essential financial protection against having to go to a state hospital. They want a full medical aid from Fedhealth to shield them from the exorbitant cost of medicines and health care.

    Full Medical Aid from Fedhealth – Essential Financial Protection

    Let’s look at the cost of full medical aid from Fedhealth. Fedhealth is an established medical aid that started out way back in 1936. They offer an extensive range of options for singles, couples, families, executives and the elderly. For older members who want all-round hospital cover as well as day-to-day Full Medical Aid from Fedhealthsavings, they will want to look at Fedhealth’s Ultima options. This plan allows mature members to benefit from comprehensive hospital cover –

    ●Ultima 200 – from R2 630pm, you get comprehensive hospital benefits at a private hospital of your choice. You also enjoy Fedhealth’s Unique Benefits such as unlimited MRI scans paid from risk.

    ●Ultimax – from R8 193 per month, Ultimax offers maximum cover. Members will be able to enjoy unlimited private hospital cover. Cover is at 3x the medical aid rate. With Ultimax there is also a  generous amount of day-to-day cover and excellent chronic medicine limits.

    Other Full Medical Aid Deals from Fedhealth

    Fedhealth members want to know that their family’s healthcare needs are fully supplied. All of Fedhealth’s comprehensive plans provide hospital cover with varying degrees of day-to-day savings. You can choose from their Maxima Standard, Maxima Standard Elect, Maxima Plus, Maxima Standard and Maxima Exec plans.

    Maxima Standard –  you get generous day to day care as well as cover at network hospitals.  Great cover for young families and young professionals. With the member paying R2 476 per month, members get –
    ▪unlimited PRIVATE hospitalisation
    ▪cover for 39 chronic conditions
    ▪risk benefits such as unlimited visits to Network medical professionals
    ▪day-to-day claims for expenses such as medical consultations first funded from a Savings Account, thereafter from out-of-hospital expenses benefit and then a Threshold Benefit

    Maxima Standard Elect – day-to-day care plus cover at network hospitals. For those who want their medical expenses taken well care of. For R2 053pm, Maxima Standard Elect is an affordable medical aid option for those with young families. Some benefits –
    ▪unlimited cover at any network hospital – paid for from the scheme and not your savings
    ▪take home medicines for 7 days
    ▪contraceptives such as patch, IUDs, oral etc
    ▪after discharge from hospital, treatment for up to 30 days
    ▪trauma treatment
    ▪specialised radiology such as CT scans, and more. There are also unique bonus benefits

    • Maxima Exec – a comprehensive health plan from R3 639 per month.
    • Maxima Plus – from R5 992pm, this is a top medical aid option, offering the highest amount of daily spending ability. This plan also  pays more from risk.
    • Maxima Basis -from R2 223pm, with Maxima Basis you’ll enjoy unlimited hospital cover at ALL private hospitals as well as some day-to-day health care spending.



    Together with Fedhealth’s hospital plans, Fedhealth offers a wide spectrum of medical aid plans. For those who pour their money into Fedhealth, with what Fedhealth offers in return, it’s their way of trying to restore people’s confidence in South Africa’s medical aids.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing