Health Insurance compared to Hospital Plans from Bonitas.

    February 17, 2018

    Compare Health Insurance to Hospital Plans here if you’re looking for medical cover.

    Many people get confused between hospital plans and health insurance as there is a lot of misunderstanding and jargon within the medical aid world.

    So it’s not surprising that many people make the wrong choice, thankfully Bonitas explains the difference.

    Compare Health Insurance to Hospital Plans

    Compare Health Insurance to Hospital Plans

    The National Treasury has brought about changes to the Demarcation Act in terms of  medical insurance and medical schemes and their plans.

    Medical aid schemes and their hospital plans aren’t insurance. They are non-profit and regulated by the Council for Medical Schemes Act. Medical insurance policies on the other hand are for profit companies.

    Compare Health Insurance to Hospital Plans – What is a Hospital Plan from Bonitas?

    Bonitas is the second largest medical aid scheme in the country and have been going for more than 25 years. A hospital plan from Bonitas includes cover for any in-hospital procedures and check-ups.

    The Council for Medical Schemes regulates the cover even though its not a full medical aid plan. Your hospital expenses are covered, but you must pay for the day-to-day out of hospital costs.

    Gap Cover is Part of a Hospital Plan

    There are times when shortfalls occur between what the hospital plan pays and the actual fee charged by the hospital. This is where Gap cover comes in, it pays the difference between the specialist charges and what the hospital plan pays. Without Gap cover, you would have to pay this.

    Hospital Insurance is often Not enough

    Hospital insurance isn’t at all like a medical aid plan. It only provides cash benefits while you are in hospital and ruled by the Short-term Insurance Act. The amount you get is fixed, and it may not cover all your hospital bills.

    R5 000 a day sounds like a lot of money, but the reality is, it can fall short of the enormous daily rates charged by clinics. When looking at hospital plans, it pays to look at a well-funded scheme such as Bonitas.

    All info was correct at time of publishing