Genesis Private Hospital Plan

    July 29, 2020

    There was a time when young couples would start with a hospital plan and then progress to a comprehensive medical aid. Today its the other way round. Cash-strapped South Africans are resorting to hospital plans because they can no longer afford the high fees that come with having a medical aid. You might want to consider a Genesis Private Hospital Plan.

    Genesis Private Hospital Plan – A Good Alternative to Medical Aid

    Having medical cover is essential in South Africa, but if you can’t afford comprehensive medical cover, a hospital plan is a good alternative. So these hospital plans provide cover for your in-hospital procedures and check-ups.

    Genesis Private Hospital PlanBefore you sign up for a hospital plan, make sure that you know which procedures aren’t covered. The reason for this is that sometimes you need to make a co-payment.

    Genesis has different plans, allowing you to rely on quality health care. They are known as one of the best medical aid schemes in South Africa. Since 1995 they have been providing their exceptional benefits to South Africans at affordable prices.

    They are financially sound and are also known for their excellent claims paying process. South Africans can have confidence in this financially solid medical scheme.

    You’ve Got Good Options

    The medical scheme’s hospital plans will cover you in a hospital, whether you have a scheduled stay or whether you’re there because of an emergency. Both the Genesis hospital plans – Private Choice and Private – include benefits for basic dentist treatments – R25 000 for each beneficiary each year

    So with these plans, you’re able to use any private hospital and doctor. You’re not expected to use hospitals in a network.

    Contributions in 2016 for Private include –

    • 1 Adult – R1420
    • 2 Adults – R2 840
    • Two Grown Ups and a child – R3 190
    • 2 Adults and two children – R3 465
    • Two Grown Ups and three children – R3 740


    We look at some of the benefits with the Private Hospital Plan –

    In Hospital Cover

    general practitioners and specialists  – up to 200% of medical aid rate
    blood transfusion – up to 100% of medical aid rate for materials etc
    medicines used in hospital  – 100% of the legislated cost
    cancer – oncologist consultations etc. up to R210 000 per person each year
    stroke – in-hospital rehab up to R80 000 each year for each member

    Auxiliary Services

    Emergency pre-hospital treatment, evacuation-,  inter- hospital transfers etc within RSA – 100% of cost when using the preferred provider such as ER24

    Out of Hospital Cover

    MRI and CT scans – 50% of the Medical Aid Rate – R6 000 for each beneficiary

    Also, Genesis Hospital Plans include their Genesis Private Choice and the Genesis Private. You pay more for the Private Hospital Plan as you get more benefits.

    Want to Know More?

    So if you already know which hospital plan you want from Genesis, why not make use of their website to download the Genesis Private Hospital plan? Alternatively, if you’d like to confirm some of the details about the Private Hospital Plan, press on the yellow ‘Send Your Message” and they will get back to you quickly.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing