Every family needs some form of hospital insurance. Get it now!

    March 12, 2018

    A number one Hospital plan quote can set you up for life. Everyone needs good medical cover, and now is a good time.

    All you have to do is complete the form on the page, submit it and get quotes back in no time at all.

    Medical schemes like Momentum Health and Discovery Medical Aid are waiting to help you and your family.

    Get a Number one Hospital plan Quote from a Trusted supplier

    Number One Hospital plan quote

    It’s important to deal with a reputable medical aid provider when looking for quotes. Only deal with registered schemes rather than insurance firms, as they put your interests first.

    The reason being – medical schemes have a legal obligation to meet your needs and cover the costs of your treatment for a range of health conditions. Whereas insurance companies are not legally bound. They only cover the hospital stay cost and do not prioritise treatment of specific conditions.

    Discovery – a Number one Hospital plan Quote provider

    Even for those on a budget there is always an option – Discovery Keycare policy. Not only does it cover your stay at a hospital, but it offers treatment of varying medical conditions. These are listed in the Medical Schemes Act. By joining Discovery you also benefit from their loyalty plan.

    More number one Hospital plan Quote providers

    Discovery, Medscheme, Bonitas, Liberty, Momentum and Fedhealth offer some of the best high-end plans in the country.

    Submit the form below and get hospital plan quotes right away from any of these insurers. After that, compare the quotes and see what matches your health needs.

    Firms such as Essential Med and Clientele also quote, but their cover is less comprehensive. With a medical scheme you are able to access more for less.

    Global health Care Insurance

    Medical schemes cover you when abroad, so that you get your money’s worth even outside of the country. Ensure that the hospital plan you choose provides that option.

    Included in the cover should be Ambulance transport, Medical evacuation by aircraft or helicopter and treatment costs. Also, check to see if your credit card provides you with automatic health care insurance when buying an air ticket. If the answer is yes – find out what is included in that cover.

    Health insurance for Students

    Are your children studying at a university or college? Are they under the age of 27? If so, Fedhealth have an option to include them in your hospital plan as dependents so they benefit too.

    Want a Hospital plan Now?

    A happy and healthy life is just a click away. You can get your quotes via this page by filling out the form and sending it. Easy!

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