Ensure Your Hospital Plan is Enough – Some Advice on This

    January 10, 2017

    There is plenty of information available about Medical Aids Schemes. You will discover this when you try to answer the question “Is your hospital plan enough?”. You want to ask if it will cover in the event of illness and hospitalisation.

    Is Your Hospital Plan Enough?

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    is your hospital plan enough

    Hospital Plan Only:

    Medical Aid Schemes offer these.

    These are usually the lowest tiered plan offered by a Medical Aid and have the lowest premiums.


    Hospital plans: What do they cover?

    • Coverage of some (not always all) the costs associated with a stay in the hospital. i.e. Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists. The hospital must admit the patient.
    • Pay only a minimum benefit if the patient makes visits to specialists rooms outside the hospital, but there MUST be a link to the hospitalisation.
    • Also, no day to day Benefits.


    Members of a Medical Aid Hospital Scheme taking only a Hospital Plan are usually those who are young and healthy or persons who restrict their budget as the premiums are low.


    Is there Worth in this?

    For a small amount more monthly the scheme member can be assured of greater cover.

    Most people do not have the funds to pay a large once off bill.


    Fail points of a Hospital Plan

    • Doctors and Surgeons bills are rising every year and often there is not 100% coverage for these fees. Is your hospital plan enough to cover this?
    • Also, there will be bills from X-rays, laboratory fees, even counselling. These too are often higher than those paid out on just a hospital plan.
    • Once the patient has been discharged the medication, aftercare treatments which are not covered by a Hospital Plan can be significant.
    • Also, the hospital must admit the patient before any payments from the Medical Aid Hospital Plan. That can sometimes be a false economy. The hospital may have been able to treat the patients successfully in outpatients. That results in keeping scheme and member costs down. Insurance Hospital Plan.


    Hospital Insurance plan.

    Offered by Insurance Companies. (These policies could undergo changes in 2017 because of changes to legislation.)

    The main disadvantage is that these insurance schemes offer payouts based on a maximum payable for a specific condition, for which hospitalisation may take place. Also, if there are complications and additional treatment is required this payout may not be enough leaving the policyholder to meet the additional funds needed.


    In conclusion:

    While a Hospital Plan Offered by a Medical Scheme is suitable for some people, people feel that for a small additional premium the increased coverage is significant and results in less overall financial burden.

    Contact: AFFORDABLE MEDICAL AID on Tel: 031 267 5060 who will gladly help and independently advise on Medical Aid Scheme Options.


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