How To Make a Health Insurance Claim

    June 29, 2017

    How do I make a health insurance claim?

    • Select your health insurance carefully
    • Tailor your health insurance to meet personal needs
    • Protect your family’s medical needs
    • Consider a Hospital Plan
    • Opt for day-to-day cover


    Having health insurance is probably one of the best investments a person can make.

    There is no comparison between the sky-rocketing costs of medical treatment and the cost of monthly premiums for health insurance.

    Health Insurance Claim

    Choose carefully

    However, it is vitally important to carefully select a health insurance product.

    Affinity Health also offers affordable Medical Insurance that covers doctor visits, basic dentistry and medication, all from as little as R417 a month.

    So with Affinity’s Day-To-Day policy, you are covered for:

    • Unlimited visits to the doctor
    • Basic dentistry
    • Optometry
    • Blood Tests
    • Unlimited X-Rays when recommended by a network GP
    • Medication for routine daily needs
    • Access to Affinity’s nationwide network of medical professionals
    • Maximum age to obtain cover is 64 years


    Hospital Plan Cover

    On offer with this package is:

    • Premiums from R549 a month
    • Daily cash benefits when hospitalised
    • Emergency medical services
    • Guaranteed hospital admission
    • Lump sum payments for permanent disability
    • Also, Lump sum payments for accidental death
    • Maximum age to obtain cover is 54 years


    What you get

    With Affinity healthcare cover you receive:

    • Quick and efficient access to a nationwide network of medical professionals
    • Unlimited visits to the doctor
    • Cover for routine daily medication needs
    • Cash back benefits when hospitalised


    Affinity has identified the need to offer a wide range of healthcare products that can be tailored to meet individual and family needs, as well as budget constraints.

    So irrespective of personal circumstances or gender, Affinity’s healthcare packages offer protection against the cost of crippling hospital treatments and other medical emergencies.

    How do I apply?

    To apply for an Affinity Healthcare product, visit the website (at the bottom of this article) and complete the online registration form.

    So you can also email the company at

    How do I lodge a claim?

    If you have a Day-to-Day policy, visits to your GP, prescribed medication costs and other day-to-day benefits are all covered if the monthly premium is fully paid and up-to-date.

    The only time you need to lodge a health insurance claim is when you use a GP NOT included in Affinity’s network of service providers.

    You can download a reimbursement form directly from the Affinity website.

    If you have a Hospital Plan, lodge your health insurance claim when discharged from a hospital.

    Download the reimbursement form directly from the Affinity website.

    Attach receipts from the hospital and other medical expenses incurred while hospitalised.

    When do I get paid?

    Once Affinity has received all relevant documentation, payment is made within 30 days of lodging a health insurance claim.


    So depending on the healthcare product selected, policyholders will also receive payments directly into their bank accounts OR Affinity will settle the account directly with the service provider.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing