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    January 10, 2017

    The increasing cost of comprehensive Medical Aid Plans is in some cases resulting in people looking into reducing their premiums and investigating if they can rather manage on a Hospital Plan Only option from their Scheme. See below for information about the best value hospital plans.

    best value hospital plans

    Best Value Hospital Plans in SA

    This article about affordable medical aid can help in understanding the concepts and cover about the best value Hospital Plans.


    Concept of Hospital Plans

    Regarding South African Law a Hospital Plan offered by a Scheme is considered to be a fully complete registered medical scheme option. It is thus registered with the Medical Schemes Act.


    Don’t confuse:

    • Hospital Insurance. Offered by an insurance company only. Also, it usually pays up to a certain limit for treatment in hospitals.
    • Hospital Cash Back Plan. Also offered by insurance company only. Normally pays out for the time the patient stays in a hospital.


    Pay for PMB

    Any hospital plan must pay for the 270 PMB (Prescribed Minimum Benefits) regarding the law. Insurance companies do not have to pay for these.


    Choosing the best value Hospital Plans.

    There are a few points to bear in mind:

    • Annual Limits: There is usually no limit to the expenses covered in the hospital by the medical aid scheme. Also, you should note that particularly when the costs are high, the Scheme will monitor expenses carefully.
    • Closed Schemes: This is especially relevant for the employees of a particular company.
    • DSP – Designated Service Providers: Some schemes require a member to use their DSP for non-emergencies. If the member does not and chooses another hospital, then they may be liable for large co-payments.
    • 100 % of Medical Aid Rate: This statement should not confuse members. It means that the Scheme will ONLY pay up to 100% of the Medical Aid Rate. Furthermore, a hospital bill can also include x-rays, anaesthetists, medication, etc. and they often charge more than the medical aid rate. Doctors /specialists are free to charge as they please while they are out of a Designated Service Network.
    • Hospital Admission: The hospital must admit the member before the plan will pay. If for instance, the member goes to a hospital and is only treated in the ER and then released, a scheme Hospital Plan may not cover this.


    Suggested Plans:

    Your friendly consultant at Affordable Medical Aid can assist you with advice and information. They cover and deal with a wide range of South African Medical Schemes. Amongst the list is:

    • Momentum Heath: offers a budget Ingwe Plan
    • Bonitas: The budget plan is called Primary & Boncap.
    • Medihelp: Find out about the Necesse Plan
    • Discovery: The Keycare option includes Hospital Plans.
    • GetSavvi: The Get Care option includes Hospital Plans.

    While a Hospital Plan option, is for many people, the answer. Therefore, consider that for a small amount extra each month comprehensive cover is available which will give an increased range of benefits.


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