Medihelp Hospital Plan

    July 30, 2014

    How do you feel about the current medical amenities set up for the average South African? Would you want to land up in a hospital with poor facilities? Do you think that plans like the Medihelp hospital plan are for wealthy South Africans? Think again.

    In South Africa it has become essential to have some sort of health cover, even if it’s simply a hospital plan to cover you in times of an emergency. With poor facilities and service in our state hospitals you want to be confident that you’re going to receive high quality healthcare that won’t break the bank.

    Medihelp Hospital PlanFrom Discovery medical aid to Medihelp and Bonitas, most of the main medical aid schemes offer hospital plans to suite your needs and pocket. The good news is that the country has some strict laws regarding such cover and certain chronic illnesses, for example, have to be included in all plans offered by all schemes.

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    Medihelp Medical Aid

    Between the Medihelp hospital plan, Liberty hospital plan and even Bonitas hospital plan (not forgetting Discovery), different schemes offer different plans. But medical care can be costly. Even the smallest of procedures can cost thousands of Rand and the contributions some schemes demand can prohibit some members from joining.

    But hospital plan like MedihelpNecesse offers a good alternative. Not everyone needs full cover but if you do want quality care in a private hospital, a hospital plan is a necessity. Such plans are designed to give cover for those times when you are hospitalised and require specialist care.

    There are a number of reasons to consider a Medihelp hospital plan:

    1. This is one of the biggest medical schemes in South Africa providing quality care.
    2. They offer a variety of products and members can upgrade should their circumstances change.
    3. The Dimension prime 1 plan is one of the most affordable options on the market. It offers optimum care in private hospitals and provides for preventive care benefits. Members can also pay for up to two children with the rest free.
    4. The Dimension prime 2 plan offers all the same benefits as the Dimension prime 1 plan as well as day-to-day medical benefits and a handy savings account. While it’s a little more expensive, the plan is certainly worth it for a family that can’t afford comprehensive medical cover but still requires some sort of insurance in the case of an emergency.

    Medihelp Hospital Plan Quote

    Not everyone can afford full medical aid cover. But everyone does want to be sure they can have access to the best possible medical care when an emergency happens. A Medihelp hospital plan quote will make sure this happens. They also allow members to upgrade to fuller cover when their circumstances change. It’s an affordable and good option if you’re on a budget but want quality cover and the very best care.


    Compared to the Discovery hospital plan and other medical schemes, Medihelp offers good value for money and great hospital cover when you may need it most.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing