Fedhealth Maxima Standard Takes Care of Medical Costs

    November 29, 2015

    You may be enjoying good health now, but how are you going to pay for all your massive medical bills when you discover that that you now have diabetes or cancer. Fedhealth Maxima Standard could be the answer.

    Just to have the tests done to confirm your illness can be traumatically pricey. With a good medical aid, all those things such as blood tests, cancer screenings and mammograms will be covered.

    These policies have to provide a minimum standard of care in areas such as emergency care, hospitalisation, maternity care, mental health and pediatric care among others. Young people also need health insurance coverage because they also have diabetes, cancer and asthma.

    Fedhealth offers a number of excellent plans so that you and your family can made the choice Fedhealth Maxima Standardthat suits your needs.

    Fedhealth Maxima Standard is a great option and capable of meeting you and your family’s health needs.  From R 2 238pm, Fedhealth Maxima Standard is a medical aid option that is suited for a young and healthy family.

    Fedhealth Maxima Standard – What are the Essentials You Need?

    People who seek out this particular plan have identified the essentials they need. For instance maternity coverage is a must-have for a young, health family. If there is a history of heart disease in the family, you may want to make sure that Fedhealth Maxima Standard  includes the cost of cardiac screening tests for instance.  Let’s look at some of the cover you can benefit from with Maxima Standard –

    ●   you’ll enjoy unlimited cover at any of the hospital listed on their network
    ●   trauma treatment at a casualty ward regardless of whether you are admitted to hospital or not
    ●   medications to take home that will last you for 7 days
    ●   post hospitalisation treatment for 30 days after your discharge from hospital
    ●   female coFedhealth Maxima Standardntraceptives are  covered such as IUDs
    ●   specialised radiology such as MRI- and CT scans covered
    ●   treatment will be covered in full while under the care of a partner specialist – contracted fixed rated at Fedhealth partner specialists
    ●   unlimited GP visits at Fedhealth GP Partners – these payments aren’t taken from your savings but are paid for by the scheme

    Registered in 1969, Fedhealth is a well-established medical aid which covers thousands of people in South Africa and which has one of the highest Global Credit Ratings, currently at AA-. They have a range of new generation schemes such as Maxima Standard.

    Fedhealth Maxima Standard – Great Extra Benefits

    With their range of plans you also get some unique value-added benefits, some of which are –

    ●   free flu vaccinations for the whole family
    ●   screening benefits which cover specific women’s-, children’s and cardiac health as well as older members also being able to benefit from screening
    ●   chronic medicine cover for 25 Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)
    ●   a baby-programme offering marvellous discounts plus the support of a Doula during labour

    Fedhealth Maxima Standard – Find out More

    With unlimited private hospital cover, emergency cover plus  limited day-to-day benefits with an above threshold and chronic disease benefit plus so much more, Fedhealth Maxima Standard is the ideal medical aid choice for those needing a plan that is perfect for the whole family and for all those  unpredictable events. You can either call them on 0860 002 153   or you can complete their online form and have a knowledgeable consultant call you back as soon as possible.

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