Best Hospital Insurance from Clientele Health

    February 10, 2018

    What is Clientele’s best hospital insurance plan currently?

    It’s the one that comes closest to what you need in terms of features and price.

    It’s true that the medical scheme and medical care industry in South Africa is no picnic. It is full of complicated medical jargon and structures. It leaves South Africans frustrated and confused.

    There are different medical schemes, different plans, hospital plans and hospital insurance plans, and we have to know the difference between them all.  A hospital plan is from a registered medical scheme and has to pay for those 270 Prescribed Minimum Benefits when treated in hospital.

    A hospital insurance plan on the other hand, what with the new regulations, has payouts which are limited to R3 000 daily Best Hospital Insuranceand pays up to a maximum of R20 000 for each life insured and for each year.

    Simple, Effective, Best Hospital Insurance

    Clientele offers a good hospital insurance plan.  They’re a diversified financial services group, providing all South Africans with financial service products which they believe are simple and effective.

    Clientèle Insurance Company is a leader in hospital insurance in the country, offering their Clientele Hospital Plus Plan and their Clientele Hospital Premium Plan. These are comprehensive health insurance plans.

    Clientele offers what they call their Health Event Life Plans, referred to as H.E.L.P. These plans are designed to protect  South Africans from costs that come about because of hospitalisation. The plans provide cash pay outs to remove the burden of those unexpected expenses.

    They offer different plans to suit different budgets –

    • Standard Plan – from R215 a month
    • Ultimate Plan – from R265 a month
    • Premium Plan – from R290 a month
    • Accident Plus Plan – from R335 a month


    The Cheapest doesn’t always Cut It

    Even though Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has promised to rebuild South Africa’s economy after decades of corruption and misrule, this isn’t going to happen overnight. Because of the current state of affairs, many South Africans are battling financially and have given up their comprehensive medical aids in favour of hospital insurance plans.

    At first glance the Standard Hospital Insurance Plan would currently be the ultimate choice because its the cheaper option. However, it is imperative to do research on each plan and fit it according to your lifestyle. If for instance, you’re pregnant, the H.E.L.P. Accident Plus Plan won’t be looked upon as the best for you.This is because it doesn’t offer a Maternity Benefit. It also doesn’t offer accidental death- and disability cover.

    If you’ve got a dread disease for instance, the R200 000 offered by the Standard- and Ultimate H.E.L.P. Plan may not be enough for you. You’ll therefore want to look at the Premium Plan which offers R250 000.

    What is Clientele’s best hospital insurance plan currently? It’s the one that comes closest to what you need in terms of features and price.

    Cheaper plans sometimes comes with exclusions and restrictions. Take a careful look at what Clientele offers and whether it will suit you and your family. Once you’ve thoroughly compared them, you’ll be equipped to choose the right plan for your specific needs.


    All info was correct at time of publishing