How does Oneplan Hospital Insurance compare to hospital plans?

    February 17, 2018

    Most people think medical aid is a luxury they can’t afford. But if you compare Oneplan Hospital Insurance to hospital plans you’ll find medical care you can afford.

    Hospital insurance and hospital plans can provide financial help when you’re ill or injured. Costs are going up on a daily basis in this country. You need health cover now!

    Compare Oneplan hospital Insurance to Hospital plans – Making sense of Healthcare

    Compare Oneplan hospital Insurance to Hospital plans

    There’s a lot of confusion about medical aid and hospital cover. And most people have a problem knowing exactly what they should be buying.  Everything costs, but if you delay joining a medical aid scheme, you pay a penalty too.

    People short of cash look for cheaper hospital plans as opposed to medical aid. But what is the difference between the two?

    Compare Oneplan hospital Insurance to Hospital plans –

    Hospital plans offered by registered medical schemes, are cheaper than medical aid. However, they have a price attached to them that turn many away because the plans are regulated by the Medical Schemes Act and have to conform to certain rules.

    There is Some hospital cover Worth looking At –

    Insurers also offer hospital plans that don’t fall under medical regulation, but you won’t find PMB’s among their benefits. You need to find out what the policy covers and what the limits are on certain procedures and treatments. OnePlan Hospital cover comes with five different plans –

    • Core – R330 per month
    • Health – R325 per month
    • Blue – R620 per month
    • Professional – R835 per month
    • Executive – R1025 per month


    Some products add in extras like funeral cover and emergency response. When you look at OnePlan Hospital Insurance, they give you the means to compare each of their plans side by side.

    Compare Oneplan hospital Insurance to Hospital plans –

    Between the diffent plans they offer –

    • Hospital risk cover
    • Emergency illness
    • Emergency accident
    • Accident cover
    • Illness in hospital
    • Dread diseases
    • Natural birth
    • Disability
    • Family death
    • Trauma cover


    Most people know Discovery Health, as the biggest insurer. They have plans such as Discovery Essential Smart Plan at R1,1 80 per month and Essential Delta Core Plan at R1,417 a month in 2018. With prices like this, OnePlan with Core, Health and Blue Plans plus easy monthly fees is like a lifeline thrown to you.

    Oneplan cover Offers the Best deal For a Family on a Budget

    Hospital Insurance vs medical aid hospital plans? A hospital plan provides you with important basic medical cover. When in hospital, your expenses are paid. However, you must pay day-to-day out of hospital costs.

    There is often a shortfall between what the plan pays and the actual fee charged by the hospital. You have to make up the shortfall, and this is why gap cover is so vital.

    OnePlan – You need to Compare their Plans

    Oneplan Hospital Insurance compared to Hospital plans is worth your attention. Who can ignore the prices that they offer? Independent Medical Aid Specialists provides you with great plan comparisons. See for yourself what OnePlan rates are against other schemes with the same benefits.

    All info was correct at time of publishing