Find the Right Hospital Cover

    May 29, 2017

    Find hospital cover and find peace of mind.

    Whether self-employed or get no medical cover from your employer, you still need good health care – you need Hospital cover.

    Find Hospital Cover That is Affordable

    Hospital plans are an excellent way to get cover. They rank as the cheapest option when it comes to medical schemes. Those that are still young and healthy find a hospital plan very attractive.

    Momentum Health has a low-cost medical aid scheme that includes a hospital plan with no annual limitation.

    Another medical aid firm, Bestmed, has a great variety of hospital plans for clients. They offer a basic plan called Beat which is an entry level plan. This is perfect to get some form of cover for you and your family.

    Discovery hospital plans include many benefits, this firm has over more than 2.5 million members.

    Find hospital cover

    At the very Least, Get a Hospital Plan

    A basic hospital plan covers you for general costs plus the surgeon and anaesthetist. As an outpatient, you won’t get cover.

    Most medical schemes have a hospital plan for lower income groups who can benefit in times of a crisis. It is much better to get a hospital plan from a registered medical aid firm rather than an insurance company.

    Healthcare firms are required to cover a range of services whereas an insurance firm often only pays the cost for your hospital stay.

    Let’s Face it, Medical aid is Expensive

    You can also go to a government hospital to save money, but then you get what you don’t pay for. However, full health cover is what you should aim for. Fedhealth is seen as one of the best medical aids in South Africa and Discovery Health aims to be the best insurance company on earth.

    When it comes to your health you should act now. Find and compare quotes to get the plan you need from the company you want. Take note of the benefits they offer, read the small print and check out any exclusions. Once your mind is made up, fill in and submit the online form.

    Finally, the best way to find hospital cover is to choose plans which are part of a comprehensive medical aid scheme because with them you get the best benefits, the best cover and the best peace of mind.

    All info was correct at time of publishing