Affinity Health Claims to Have the Best Hospital Plan in South Africa

    February 17, 2018

    If full medical cover has become out of the question for you, don’t just give up on all health care. Full medical cover has become an unaffordable luxury and its precisely why so many South Africans are looking at hospital plans in a whole new light. Take a look at Affinity Health plans, for instance.

    There’s a lot of confusion about hospital plans and hospital insurance. Those plans where you are paid a cash amount each day you’re in hospital can be tricky as you could land up having to foot a hospital bill that is way beyond the amount you get paid each day.

    Affinity Health changes People’s Views on Hospital Plans

    That is precisely what hospital insurance is about – it pays you for the time you spend in hospital and not for the cost of Affinity Healththe treatment you receive. Therefore choose your hospital plan provider carefully.

    But now Affinity Health is claiming to have the best hospital plan in South Africa, so its certainly a good idea looking at what makes it so different to other hospital plans.

    Just some of the features of their hospital plan –

    • Affinity’s Hospital Plan provides a range of benefits in the event of hospitalisation
    • It starts at R615 a month
    • You get a wide choice of doctors and hospitals
    • Maternity cover
    • Access to private hospitals
    • Procedures for specific conditions as well as a casualty room benefit. Casualty Room is available after hours and subject to pre-authorisation. Up to R2 500 per year.
    • Up to R175,000 for each member and for each event and R275,000 per family
    • For seniors – up to R110,000 for each member and for each event
    • Dread disease. There’s a 6 month waiting period. R9,000 is paid each day with diagnosis up to R200,000 according to severity – kidney failure, heart attack, major organ transplant
    • Family funeral benefit – R25 000 for the policy holder
    • Daily illness hospitalisation. First day is R8 500, 2nd day R5,500m 3rd day R5,000, 4th and 5th day R4,250. After that, its is R1,500 each day and up to a maximum of 21 days for each member
    • Accidental permanent disability
    • 24 hour emergency. This includes ambulance services to different hospitals, 24/7 emergency medical advice.
    • Hospital booster – Intensive Care Unit (ICU). You get R12,500 Intensive Care Unit cover each day for 5 days.
    • Accident booster – for an additional R76pm you get R250,000 cover up to a maximum of R1,050,000


    Who is this Affinity Health?

    • They are a leading provider of affordable Medical and Health Insurance products
    • They offer needed benefits at affordable prices
    • You’re given a choice of- and quick access to medical providers and hospitals
    • You have a straightforward claims processAffinity have designed medical insurance policies that allows you to only
    • Select the cover you need – nothing less, nothing more.


    Affinity Health is medical insurance. By the fantastic array of cover they provide and ensuring it is still affordable, they’re ensuring that people re-look hospital plans in a whole new, positive light.


    All info was correct at time of publishing