Basic Health Insurance Now Available in South Africa

    February 17, 2018

    Every penny counts these days, and basic health insurance is certainly better than nothing, if you can no longer afford a medical aid plan.

    Many South Africans are making the move from a medical aid plan to health insurance, knowing full well that they both offer different benefits. Just for starters, medical insurance is based on stated benefits and events and regulated by the FSB, Long Term and Short Term Insurance acts while Medical aid is regulated by the Council of Medical Schemes and is based on procedures and tariff codes.

    These no-frill health insurance plans are low-cost, covering hospital stays on a limited basis. In South Africa today, this is a highly attractive offering. These hospital plan’s premiums are noticeably less than what a comprehensive medical aid plan might cost.

    Affordability in Private Medical Facilities

    Basic Health InsuranceThe only thing left for you to do is take careful consideration about where you get your basic health insurance from. Essential Med offers this basic health insurance but the cover is adequate and what’s more it’s in private medical facilities.

    Take Control of Your Cover

    Essential Med aren’t new to the insurance market and have been around since 2005 already. They’re not a medical aid. The Essential Med difference is simple – providing health cover where you pick and choose what you need. You choose the cover you want which gives you control over what you pay for.

    Even students, who are earning a pittance, can get basic cover and benefits. Then again, even if you’re a family, there is something affordable for you too.

    Essential Med makes it their mission to offer you health cover that is as unique as you are. Their comprehensive health insurance offers a wide variety of day-to-day benefits and you can also get access to unlimited GP visits through their network of doctors found all across South Africa.

    Basic Health Insurance from Essential Med

    When you’re ill or injured, you’ll find their hospital cover is more than adequate –

    • maternity benefit
    • death benefit
    • accident hospitalisation cover from R75 000 and up t R400 000
    • dentistry benefits
    • cover for ICU and casualty ward – the plan pays for illness hospitalisation up to R4 500 a day
    • specialist assistance
    • dread disease and permanent disability cover
    • HIV/Aids benefits
    • day-to-day benefits for pre-paid preventative healthcare


    Essential Med also offers their Lifestyle and Wellness Programme which come with a host of benefits such as among others, emergency road and household assist and healthcare advice.

    Worth giving Essential Med a Call

    If you need any more information about Essential Med’s insurance plans, call them on 0860 900 900 or sms the word MED to 44911. Essential Med isn’t telling you to throw caution to the winds and to cancel your medical aid.

    Essential Med knows that their insurance can’t provide the same comprehensive benefits that you get with your medical aid, but when your medical aid premium becomes such that you can’t pay for it, then they are certainly worth looking at.


    All info was correct at time of publishing