Hospital Plans for the Aged

    January 26, 2017

    No Medical Aid Cover? Looking for hospital plans for the aged?

    If you are over 65 years of age and do not have medical aid cover, obtaining a hospital plan comes at a premium out of the reach of most people on retirement. Here we look at hospital plans for the aged.

    Sadly senior citizens need medical aid most during their retirement years. If they don’t have a medical scheme, they¬†have to use the services of Government-funded hospitals and clinics.

    There is a drawback of using public hospitals and clinics. It’s that the elderly must wait in long queues before seeing a doctor.

    Hospital Plans For The AgedIf hospitalisation is necessary, the elderly are also subjected to long waiting periods unless their condition is life-threatening.

    They most times have to wait for painful months before going to a hospital to undergo joint replacements.

    It also applies to other non-life threatening ailments such as the need for cataract removals.

    Hospital plans are insurance policies. And because the risk of financial payouts increases when policyholders reach retirement age most insurance companies do not offer cover for anyone over 65 years.

    Companies that will give cover are far, and few between and premiums are usually so high that it is not feasible to join a hospital plan.

    However, people up to the age of 75 years can join a Hospital Cash Plan that gives them money when undergoing treatment.

    This cash back policy is payable for both private and public hospitals.

    Seniors With Medical Aid Cover – Hospital Plans For The Aged

    Medical schemes cannot refuse membership of a hospital plan based on age and health status.

    However, if not already a member of a medical scheme, purchasing a hospital plan will be expensive. Together with waiting periods of up to a year to qualify for the benefits offered by the cover.

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