Interested in a hospital plan? Consider Selfmed

    April 28, 2017

    People are sick of their hefty monthly medical aid premiums. So if you’re interested in a hospital plan, consider Selfmed.

    Comprehensive medical aid plans have simply become too expensive.

    The No Bells and Whistle Medical Scheme

    For a much more affordable amount, South Africans can at least purchase a good hospital plan from a top medical scheme. Selfmed is worth a good look at as their hospital plans are explained simply – no complex medical jargon. They were established in 1965 and are well known for Interestedtheir stance in providing good healthcare without all those unnecessary bells and whistles which other medical schemes make their members pay for.

    They are the first to say that hospital plans aren’t always the best solution. For instance, those with young children should always go for a good comprehensive medical plan to protect their young children.

    Selfmed also recommends you being alert and watching out for those medical schemes who push their cheap hospital plans but who also offer low levels of cover. Hospital plans offered by a medical aid provide higher levels of cover than those offered by insurance companies.

    Some Hospital Plans have Perks

    There are basic hospital plans, and there are hospital plans which come with a few perks. Selfmed has hospital plans like this too. Hospital plans cover in-hospital treatment, but not day-to-day treatment, and Selfmed’s hospital plan – MedXXI – provides unlimited hospital cover anywhere in South Africa and at private hospitals.|

    This Selfmed MEDXXI, for instance, offers solid cover and at affordable prices such as R1450 a month. Then you can enjoy unlimited hospitalisation cover. It’s excellent news for students, young adults as well as healthy older adults.

    Then again, those interested in a hospital plan from Selfmed like to look at the more affordable hospital plans, after all, its one of the reasons they want a hospital plan in the first place – the affordability.

    Their Selfnet option is R1,185.00 and still offers things like 25 PMB conditions, general practitioner consultations, basic dentistry, pathology as well as other benefits.
    South Africans don’t want their hard-earned money going onto ‘useless’ benefits such as discounts on discounts on movie tickets or gym membership which they use once or twice and never again. Rather, Selfmed uses all their money to bring members decent medical cover.

    Some other aspects of a hospital plan from Selfmed –

    • You have coverage at 100% of prescribed medical aid rates
    • their chronic benefit can be activated at any stage
    • Selfmed is one of the few South African medical aid schemes that doesn’t make its members use doctors within a network. Selfmed’s members can decide which medical practitioner they want to visit. However, those on the Selfnet Option will have to use doctors within the CareCross network.


    Interested In Straightforward No-Frills Health Care?

    Selfmed offers its members six medical care plans. And you can be sure, that with no unwanted frills attached to their offerings. You’re paying for purely good health care.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing