Why Choose Medshield Hospital Plans for the Family?

    August 28, 2017

    Here is why you should choose Medshield hospital plans for the family:

    • They provide members with greater benefits
    • These greater benefits come with lower premiums
    • People trust Medshield in South Africa
    • They’ve got hospital plans and medical aid for different budgets and needs
    • Unlimited hospital cover and in some instances out-of-hospital cover too


    For a reasonable sum each month, a hospital plan from a reputable medical scheme can remove a whole lot of stress from you. Hospital plans will give you cover for when you go to the hospital. These plans are great choices for the young and the fit, but these days, because of the cost of comprehensive medical aid, older people are looking with new interest at hospital plans.

    You’ve Got Reputability on Your Side – Hospital Plans for the Family

    Hospital Plans for the FamilyMedshield is a trusted medical scheme in South Africa, known for their variety of health care plans to suit everybody’s requirements and budget. The medical scheme offers health care to some 200 000  members, and with their AA credit rating, you know your claims will be settled. The scheme has been offering top class, affordable health care since 1968.


    • A hospital plan they provide is the MediCore. The plan gives you unlimited in-hospital cover for major medical emergencies. This plan is available to your from R1,926 per month and comes with day to day benefits as well.
    • Then again, Medshield’s MediPhila option is just R1 041 for the principal member. You and any dependents who are registered will enjoy ongoing hospital cover for PMB conditions, specified limits for out-of-hospital services as well as beneficiary limits for non-PMB in-hospital treatments. Among other things, you’ll also enjoy a Chronic Medicine Benefit and have delivery of your chronic medicine to your door.
    • Their MediValue option is perfect for young, first-time medical cover buyers, offering unlimited In-Hospital services with the Medshield Hospital Network. Members will enjoy limited Out-of-Hospital cover for basic healthcare needs as well.


    Hospital Plans for the Family

    Hospital plan insurance is a health care option that is being sought by an increasing number of South Africans. The difference between hospital plans and the comprehensive medical cover is that hospital plans apply to hospitalisation.
    Cover for healthcare will start with the member’s admission. The cover then ceases with the person is discharged. This is precisely why this kind of cover suits younger, single individuals. Yes, there are many seniors who opt for this option too, but then they will need to check their disposable income and that it will meet their out-of-hospital medical expenses.

    The Right Choice for those Looking for Affordability 

    Don’t be without some form of medical cover. Many South Africans buy hospital plans for the family because they’re more affordable. The secret to a good hospital plan is making sure you get your plan from a reliable and trustworthy source such as Medshield.


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