Why you might choose a Key Health Hospital Plan

    August 24, 2017

    Here in this article we will cover why you might want to choose a Key Health Hospital Plan:

    • medical aid has become exorbitantly expensive
    • Key Health delivers products free of undesirable loyalty programmes
    • it offers is real value for money without any frills
    • they offer their Essence package – 100% full cover of an agreed fee for hospitalisation
    • the plans cover theatre fees, intensive care and high care fees as well as psychiatric treatment
    • with pre-authorisation, members receive unlimited coverage for a blood transfusion
    • simple, streamlined claims process


    An Affordable Alternative to Medical Aid

    The reason why anybody chooses a hospital plan is that medical aid has become an unaffordable luxury which precious few South Africans can afford.

    Key Health Hospital PlanEverybody interested in a hospital plan needs to know that there is a difference between hospital plans and those hospital cash plans  – those plans that pay you a certain amount of cash each day you’re in hospital. You need to be warned about this type of plan as you can still end up, in the end, having to pay a massive hospital bill.

    These plans pay you for the time you spend in hospital and not for the treatment you receive. Proper hospital plans are regulated by the Medical Schemes Act of 1998 and therefore have to adhere to the regulations as laid out by the Council for Medical Schemes.

    Most hospital plans have been designed to cost less than medical aid. These hospital plans have to cover you for 26 prescribed chronic conditions. They’re a great choice for people who are fairly healthy, and if your health changes, you can change your level of cover to something more comprehensive. Also, the best part is that most hospital plans pay for hospitalisation in private hospitals. Some of them have agreed on rates with certain hospital groups.

    There are some hospital plans that will also pay for certain procedures done in doctors’ surgeries as an example, and if you use designated pharmacies or services, they will be cheaper.

    Key Health Hospital Plan Will Provide Options to Suit Everyone

    You can’t deny the importance of a hospital plan. It’s worth looking at what KeyHealth Hospital Plans can offer you. They have developed a number of packages, and each of these has a hospital plan. Their Essence package is the most basic one. Their Equilibrium package is affordable and their other packages – the Silver, Gold and Platinum packages are more expensive, but their cover is more comprehensive.
    KeyHealth doesn’t want you to take the first option but to rather compare packages and even compare them to other similar plans from other medical schemes.

    So Many Good Reasons to Choose KeyHealth –

    • they’re an open medical aid scheme which means anyone can join
    • they process claims in a reasonable time, Payment is to the service provider if the service provider.
    • A Key Health hospital plan covers several chronic conditions
    • KeyHealth offers its Health Booster plan. Which covers preventive care such as immunisation of children, paediatrician visits, cholesterol level testing and maternity scans among others
    • their Essence package also offers oncology cover as well as pathology, prosthetics and radiology treatments among others. It’s the ideal choice for those on a budget.


    So a Key Health hospital plan simply provides you with the most comprehensive hospital plans on the market today, and a hospital plan is a wise choice if you can’t afford the ridiculously high medical aid plans of today.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing