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    April 13, 2017

    Today, health, happiness and peace of mind are priceless gifts. You can have all the money in the world. But if you have a major illness like cancer and you’re depressed and unhappy, you’ve got it bad. Here we will have a look at why you should get a quote from Momentum Health

    Taking care of your health should be a top priority. And in South Africa, there are plenty of excellent medical schemes with diverse products to safeguard your health.

    A Wise Step Towards Looking after Your Health

    Momentum Health was established in 1966,
    and their goal is to help you achieve your Quote From Momentum Healthfinancial needs surrounding your health.

    Administered by Momentum Medical Scheme Administrators, the medical scheme ranks as one of South Africa’s largest open schemes in South Africa, and they’ve got a solvency ratio more than 31%. It’s important information as it means members know that the scheme has the financial resources to pay out when they submit claims.
    The large medical scheme offers a broad range of products, services and advice, and they believe that choosing one of their plans is a wise step towards looking after your health.

    • Ingwe Option – this is one of their entry-level plans and includes hospitalisation limited to R1 190 000 per family. As well as chronic cover for certain illnesses. Momentum Health offers flexibility, and you can choose your premium and your providers. For chronic treatment and day-to-day benefits, for instance, you need to consult Ingwe Primary Care Network providers.
    • Extender Option offers unlimited private hospitalisation, although you can opt to use State healthcare facilities for a lower premium each month. Those who suffer from chronic illnesses will be glad to know this plan offers extensive chronic cover and day-to-day benefits at a provider of your choice. With this plan, 25% of your medical aid contribution goes to a dedicated Savings account which is to cover your day-to-day expenses. The other plans for which you can request a quote from Momentum Health will include their Access Option, the Custom- and Incentive Option Plans.


    Good Reasons to get a Quote From Momentum Health

    When people start looking for medical care quotes, Momentum Health is most often provided as a worthwhile option. Just a few good reasons to get a quote from Momentum Health –

    • With Provider Choice discounts, you can save up to R4 000 or more on your contribution. And without sacrificing any benefits.
    • You can join the scheme’s Wellness and Rewards programme and receive some excellent, great discounts from more than 60 providers.
    • You can earn Health Returns of more than R12 000 each year.
    • With Hello Doctor you’ve always got some expert medical advice available to you.
    • You qualify for a free annual health assessment.
    • Momentum Medical Aid Special Benefits with their HealthSaver. You can make provision for medical expenses not covered by the plan you’re on.


    Take the First Step – Get Quote From Momentum Health

    If you still are unsure what medical plan to choose from Momentum. So you can contact them anytime for free quotes and medical advice and take that first step towards peace of mind.


    Complete the form on this page to get a FREE hospital plan quote.

    All info was correct at time of publishing