Custom Option for a Hospital Plan from Momentum

    March 12, 2017

    The Custom Option for a hospital plan from Momentum offers members unlimited cover for hospitalisation at their choice of providers. In all the different tiers of cover that Momentum Health offers. The Momentum Health hospital plans offer the biggest selection of cover paid.

    Different Plans Available

    At Momentum Health, there are different options of the hospital plans to choose from. Of which the Custom Options forms one. These are:

    • Ingwe option
    • Access option
    • Custom option
    • Incentive option
    • Extender option
    • Summit option


    Benefits with Custom Option

    custom optionThe Custom option pays out associative-specialists in full. We will cover other medical specialists 100%. With full cover for hospital accounts, with no annual limit. With the Custom option, we will require an R1000 co-payment.

    What do we cover with the Custom option?

    • Private hospitalisation
    • No annual limit with your hospitalisation
    • Custom Option clients can choose their hospital of choice. However, if they choose from a list of private hospitals which are known as an Associated hospital, they will receive a discount.
    • For chronic treatments, you can choose your doctor regarding chronic scripts as well as the pharmacy of your choice chronic medication. If you choose from the list of associated doctors and select the Medipost courier pharmacy’s for your chronic medication, you again come away with a discount. You can choose to use State facilities as well for chronic medication and script to get the maximum contribution discount.

    The Health Platform Benefit

    We have a benefit we call the Health Platform. This provides you with cover for day-to-day benefits. These can be things like screening tests, some types of check-ups and others. If you need cover for another type of daily expenses such as visits to your GP. Then we have the perfect plan for you that we call the HealthSaver. This is also offered by Momentum Health as complementary cover, and it enables you to save for medical costs. It means you can increase your cover even further increasing the amount of HealthReturns you could earn from Momentum Health

    • When it comes to the Major Medical benefit, there are no co-payment costs to be made unless in cases like maternity confinement, motor car accidents or emergency treatments. There are some specialised procedures or treatments that do not necessarily mean that you will be admitted to hospital and these are also included in the Major Medical benefit – as long as the treatment is medically appropriate and has also been authorised. Should authorisation not be obtained, then a 30% co-payment will need to be paid with the Scheme being responsible for 70% of the tariff – as long as authorisation was given as per the Scheme rules.


    Apply today and feel the stress melt away

    Your health and wellness are imperative when it comes to living life. You can’t enjoy your life, your wealth or your work and family if you don’t have health. Momentum Health Custom Option hospital plan is just one way you can safeguard as well as improve your health. If you are a Momentum Health member, you can also make use of certain complementary products – go online today and get your free quote, you can’t afford to.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing