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    April 15, 2017

    Here’s a word of advice for those South African’s who can no longer afford the huge monthly premiums they pay for medical aid. The answer certainly isn’t to try and get by without any form of health cover, but to rather look for something more affordable, while still being effective – hospital plans. Here you can get a FREE quote for a hospital plan.

    There are entry level, basic hospital plans and there are more elaborate plans which offer far more than a regular medical aid plan does. It’s precisely the reason why it is so important to do thorough research and to know exactly what you’re getting.

    Compare Hospital Plan Quotes – Free Quote

    Free QuoteYour research to get a free quote for a hospital plan will reveal that there are indeed many different hospital plan options, and these options simply mean a person is getting the medical care they need and which they can afford. Comparing hospital plan quotes is a responsible way to ensure you’re looking after your health in a more affordable way.

    If you’re undecided about which hospital plan to take, apart from the excellent online hospital plan comparison sites you get, each medical scheme has experienced, knowledgeable sales professionals who will offer you some affordable quotes that will be in keeping with what you require.

    There’s A Serious Difference with Hospital Plans – Free Quote

    For you to get your free hospital plan quote, know the difference between hospital plans from a medical scheme. And one from an insurance company.

    These plans, registered under the Short-Term Insurance Act, offer far fewer benefits than what you get from a medical aid hospital plan. Not only that, they aren’t obligated to pay the minimum requirements as set out in the Medical Scheme’s Act.

    Hospital plans from a medical scheme for instance cover PMBs. But hospital insurance doesn’t provide cover for PMBs, and contributions aren’t tax deductible. Each medical aid hospital plan will differ from scheme to scheme, but in essence, they all offer cover for your in-hospital procedures within the limits of your particular plan.

    Some Hospital Plans cover Day-To-Day Costs

    With many hospital plans, your day-to-day out of hospital costs are out of pocket expenses, but now there are hospital plans which include day to day out of hospital costs.

    A good hospital plan from a reputable medical scheme will take care of unlimited procedures in the hospital.

    South Africa has many of these reputable, registered, credible medical schemes. Selfmed, Fedhealth, Bonitas, Momentum, Bestmed, Resolution, Medshield, Discovery and others. Each of these schemes has good global credit ratings. They subscribe to a Chronic Disease List, and their hospital plans come with value-added benefits.

    The Ability to Pay must always be Factored In – Free Quote

    When you start comparing all these medical schemes and their hospital plans. You’ll have to look at the monthly premium they’ll require. You don’t want to make yourself sick each month wondering and dreading how you’ll pay the amount each month.

    Get enough quotes – not just one or two. There are serious differences between hospital plans. And their offerings can make a huge difference to what you get from your hospital plan.

    So to get your free hospital plan quotes you can fill in the online form on each medical scheme’s website. And send it in and by doing so, start taking responsibility for your health.


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