Comparison Shopping for Medical Aid

    April 13, 2017

    South Africa has many excellent medical aids, so you’ve got lots of choices. Here we will look at comparison shopping for medical aid.

    You’d, therefore, think it would be easy to choose from the many there are, but you’ve got to understand a few things first to get yourself medical care that works for you.

    The Name Selfmed always Comes Up with Comparison Shopping

    Comparison ShoppingYou’ll need to do a bit of comparison shopping to find the best medical scheme, of which you’ll find entry-level plans, mid-range plans as well as top-end plans. Entry level plans have lower monthly premiums, and you may also have to use the scheme’s network of doctors and hospitals.

    Mid-range options mostly cater for families who want comprehensive in-hospital and out-of-hospital cover. Premier plans cost the most and come with a range of benefits. When you start with comparison shopping for medical aid schemes, you’ll always find that it includes Selfmed. They’re a medium size, open medical aid scheme, offering comprehensive medical aid- and hospital plans are in demand because of their effective simplicity.

    Simplicity is Selfmed’s Drawcard – Comparison Shopping

    The medical scheme started in 1965. And to this day they are still one of South Africa’s leading medical schemes – a medical scheme which offers simple, no-frills medical care. Their hospital plans are far more affordable than traditional medical aid plans. And people are also more willing to manage their day-to-day primary healthcare expense themselves.

    They just want coverage in the event of financially crippling hospital costs. You’ll find that Selfmed’s MEDXXI option is a good choice. A hospital plan that offers hospital cover at any of the Scheme’s Hospitals at 100% of the agreed tariff.

    The Selfmed MedXXI plan also offers maternity benefits such as regular check-ups with a midwife. As well as foetal scans which are subject to a combined limit of R1600 for each family each year.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing