Top of the Range Hospital Plans from Discovery

    March 31, 2017

    Discovery Health is one of South Africa’s biggest medical schemes. Here we will have a look at the top of the range hospital plans from discovery.

    They’re therefore able to offer lots of different medical aid- and hospital plans. One of the nice things about a hospital plan from Discovery Health is that you can go to any private hospital.

    Discovery Health knows that health means everything, and they want their members to have affordable access to different healthcare benefits which suit their millions of members.

    Discovery Health is South Africa’s biggest Top of the Range Hospital Plansopen medical scheme, covering some 3 million lives. Also, Discovery Health says that they offer higher levels of cover than any of the other large open schemes.

    Discovery Health’s hospital plans suit those people who are looking for affordability and who don’t require chronic medication or treatment. Some of their more affordable plans are geared for those people who can manage their day-to-day medical expenses.

    All About Discovery – Top of the Range Hospital Plans

    • Discovery Health offer six hospital plans in their Core series
    • their KeyCare Core, Access andPlus are the most affordable
    • these plans cost between R700 and R1200 per member each month
    • these plans covers all the services offered in a hospital
    • the plans offer benefits for medical emergencies when travelling
    • Discovery’s Core Series offers cost-effective in-hospital medical cover.


    Hospital cover is unlimited, and members can go to any private hospital or a hospital in the scheme’s network. You can use Discovery’s MaPS Advisor tool when you log in to find healthcare professionals that Discovery has an agreement with for your specific health plan. These healthcare professionals have all agreed to charge you the Discovery Health Rate.

    • with the Coastal Core plan members use the hospitals within the coastal provinces to receive full cover
    • you get affordable, unlimited in-hospital cover, chronic cover as well as day-to-day benefits with the Smart Series. Up to 200% of the Discovery Health Rate on the Classic Plan and 100% on the Essential Plan for other healthcare professionals we don’t have an arrangement with
      full cover for approved chronic medicine when you use Dischem, Click or MedXpress


    Executive Plan – Top of the Range Hospital Plans

    The Executive plan costs R5 544 a month and offers. It surely is one of Discovery’s top of the range hospital plans. You get unlimited cover in any private hospital. Guaranteed full cover in the hospital for specialists on a payment arrangement, as well as up to 300% of the Discovery Health Rate for other specialists. Medical aid members are always complaining that their medical savings account runs out, but with Day-to-day Extender Benefit (DEB) you get additional cover for the likes of blood tests, general GP consultations and more as well as full cover for chronic medicine for all Chronic Disease List conditions.

    Classic Priority Plan – Top of the Range Hospital Plans

    Discovery Classic Priority Plan is also expensive, but it comes with a host of benefits that are irresistible for anyone who wants to know they have access to medical care.  Members with this plan enjoy international medical emergencies and evacuations in some African countries.

    So covering close to 3 million beneficiaries, joining Discovery Health has to be easy. To join the large open medical scheme, you can simply get a medical aid- or hospital plan quote online, or you can call Discovery Health on 0860 000 628.

    Complete the form on this page to get a FREE hospital plan quote.

    All info was correct at time of publishing