Discovery Keycare Hospital Plan

    February 14, 2017

    Medical aid schemes make provision for both medical and hospital cover. Read on to find out more on Keycare Discovery hospital plans.

    Discovery – Keycare Discovery

    Discovery Health offers medical aid as well as hospital plans, of which their KeyCare range of products has become quite popular.

    In general hospital, plans tend to be much more affordable than medical aid plan.  It is because of its affordability that these plans have become so massively popular.

    One of the main requirements for accessing the benefits in the Keycare range of products is to ensure at all times, that health care professionals within the KeyCare network of hospitals.

    Keycare DiscoveryFailure to do so will result in members being liable for payment of all those accounts by medical professionals outside of the KeyCare network of hospitals.

    Discovery Health has also had partnerships with certain specialists who have the full cover by the hospital.

    Shortfalls between the Discovery Health’s rate and that of other medical professionals are usually settled from the extra gap cover which a member can also opt for at commencement.

    Obviously, without gap cover, members will be liable for those shortfalls.

    It is against this backdrop that it is imperative for people to source all the information upfront to make informed, long-term decisions, taking their various personal and budgetary needs into account.


    The KeyCare Series & Benefits

    As mentioned above, the different KeyCare hospital series offer the most affordable healthcare cover provided the hospitals and doctors within the KeyCare network group are utilised.


    The series consists of the following three cost effective options, all of which also provides different benefits:


    The high-level benefits of all KeyCare Plans, among others, are:

    • Access to world-class, innovative, digital tools, programmes and services that empower both members and their doctors to manage members’ health and healthcare plan
    • Unlimited Hospital cover within the KeyCare network of hospitals
    • Full In-Hospital cover guaranteed for all specialists and doctors within the KeyCare network
    • 100% cover of the Discover Health rate for other healthcare professionals
    • Essential cover for medication of the (27) chronic conditions on the KeyCare List
    • Unlimited cover for doctor consultations, blood tests, medication, etc. within the KeyCare network group
    • Cover for all appropriate tests to detect early warning signs of serious illnesses through additional access to screening and prevention treatment
    • Members receive excellent care and support through a variety of programmes for all cancer and other chronic related conditions


    Another very innovative benefit of the Discovery Keycare range of products is that private access is made available to value offers outside of Discovery Health’s Medical rules and benefits.


    Keycare Series Unique Offers – Keycare Discovery

    These offers are unique and not available to members of other open medical schemes, for instance:

    • Access to a separate wellness programme
    • Semen cryopreservation
    • Savings on stem cell banking
    • Family and Personal care items, among others.


    Time for you to decide

    The KeyCare hospital plan series offer excellent benefits, at very affordable premiums. For those who possibly find that a comprehensive medical aid plan proves to be too pricey.

    Now that you have the high-level information. It is up to you to make a decision and take charge of both your and your loved one’s healthcare needs. By visiting to obtain a quote or further information.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing