Best Way to Find Hospital Cover in South Africa

    March 31, 2017

    If you are serious about your health, then you will probably have thought about joining a medical aid. You might also have looked at the best way to find hospital insurance in South Africa as well. In South Africa, you will be fortunate enough to find a variety of options when it comes to excellent healthcare products, and these include hospital plans. If you are a self-employed individual, and you do not receive any medical cover from your employer, but you still need good health care; then hospital cover will be the right choice. Here we will have a look at the best way to find hospital insurance in South Africa.

    Hospital plans suit a certain sector of the public

    Best Way to Find Hospital InsuranceHospital plans are a great entry level because they rank as the cheapest option when it comes to medical schemes and options. Those that are still young and fairly healthy find a hospital plan very attractive. For instance, at Momentum Health you will find a low-cost medical aid scheme that also comes with a hospital plan with no annual limitation. Another medical aid, Bestmed has a great variety of hospital plans for its customers. They offer a plan called Beat, which is plain ordinary straightforward. The Discovery Medical Scheme in South Africa has extremely beneficial hospital plans, and proof of their good quality is the fact that they boast of over more than 2.5 million members.

    At least get a hospital plan – Best Way to Find Hospital Insurance

    Just an ordinary standard hospital plan in South Africa will cover you for general hospital costs and also your surgeon and anaesthetist. If you are an outpatient at a hospital, then you won’t get hospital cover. If you are in the lower income groups in South Africa. You won’t be disappointed to find that most of the top medical schemes will have a hospital plan.

    These very people can take advantage of emergency cover that is so necessary.

    The best solution to finding hospital cover is to realise that it is much better for you to get a hospital cover that comes from a registered medical aid group over an instance company. Medical schemes must cover a whole heap of treatments for patients whereas the insurance companies don’t have to. Insurance companies often only include the cost that you will pay to stay in a hospital.

    You can decide rather just to use their doctors but this is not in the best interests of your health. If you are on a tight budget, then a hospital plan is your best option. If you do have a bit of extra money to spend. Then belonging to a full medical aid will let you have peace of mind about your health. Also, if you want to find a good hospital plan from a good medical aid. Then these are good companies to investigate:

    • Fedhealth is of the best medical aids in South Africa
    • Discovery Health; with the aim of being the best insurance company on earth.


    You shouldn’t delay when it comes to your health needs

    Compare quotes from the medical aids that you would like to consider hospital plans with. Choosing the one that suits your particular medical needs. Take particular note of the benefits that they all offer, looking at all the small print to check out all the exclusions. Once you have made up your mind, you can fill out a form online.

    The best way to find hospital cover in South Africa is to choose those which are as part of a comprehensive medical aid scheme. Because with them you get the best benefits, the best cover and the best peace of mind.


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