Hospital Plans from Discovery Health

    January 27, 2017

    There is no denying that Discovery Health is South Africa’s front-runner in the healthcare industry. Among others, they avail various inexpensive medical aid and hospital plans and excellent customer services to healthcare professionals and clients. They pride themselves in having the most members, as to other South African healthcare companies. In this article, we will look at hospital plans from discovery health and some of its unique benefits.

    They are one of the most trustworthy South African healthcare providers. Because of what they unceasingly avail to their enormous network of experts and consistently growing membership.

    Hospital Plans from Discovery HealthAs world class leaders, they continuously create and avail exceptional value added benefits and rewards to their members. As incentives for better health care management.

    Discovery Health received AA+ ratings for being the best in settling claims; they have been selected by employers, medical experts, members and economists alike, as their preferred South African healthcare provider.

    They are irrefutably also one of the expert healthcare providers when it comes to Hospital Plan possibilities and preferences.


    Expensive Discovery Hospital Plans providing excellent benefits.

    The Executive Hospital and Comprehensive Hospital Plans have higher premiums. And are the esteemed Discovery Health options that provide exceptional, all-inclusive cover.

    Some of the benefits are:

    • Healthcare professionals who have wisely agreed to a payment plan with Discovery. Enjoy the exclusive benefit of their bills being covered up to a maximum of 300% (Executive plan) and 200% (Comprehensive Plan) of the Discovery Rates;
    • Complete hospital cover including the added advantage of private ward allocation to members;
    • Specific tests and medical apparatus used plus additional cover for all General Practitioner consultations is also provided
    • Also included is sufficient cover for treatment and programmes relating to the Discovery list of chronic diseases as well as complete cover for all medication on the Discovery list of medicine;
    • These plans also provide the peace of mind cover for medical emergency services and treatment for members travelling outside of South Africa;
    • Provided too is a substantial health care Savings element to cover those additional expenses;


    Priority Range – Hospital Plans from Discovery Health

    This range comprises of two great plans, namely the Classic Priority plan and Essential Priority plan.

    The Classic Priority plan costs slightly more. And is for individuals who require wide-ranging cover for out of hospital expenses rather than to a plan offering largely in hospital cover.

    This plan covers up to 200% of the rate offered by Discovery, for blood tests, hospital care in any South African hospital and pathological benefits. On condition that it is done by professionals on the Discovery register of healthcare professionals.

    The Essential Priority plan offers 100% cover of the Discovery Scheme Rate, for admission to any of our South African hospitals and resultant hospital care.

    Like all Discovery hospital plans, these two plans also provide cover for a medical emergency. Required emergency treatment and evacuation of members while they are roaming outside of our South African borders.


    Core Range – Hospital Plans from Discovery Health

    This range boasts three unique plans, each providing its exceptional benefits.

    The Essential Core plan is for people who require a hospital plan that provides full cover for chronic diseases and medication.

    The unlimited cover is also for all in-hospital treatment in any South African hospital.

    The Classic Delta Core Network plan is the second in this range, providing excellent benefits for individuals who prefer private hospital cover at inexpensive rates.

    This plan also provides unlimited cover at any hospital affiliated with the South African Discovery group of hospitals.

    The Coastal Core plan applies to South African coastal residents only and provides essential hospital cover for medication and chronic disease at highly competitive rates.

    It also provides unlimited access to any South African coastal hospital. But emergency only cover for admission to a non-coastal South African hospital.


    Keycare Range – Hospital Plans from Discovery Health

    Last but in no way least, this is Discovery health’s most economical range and comprises of the KeyCare Plus, Access and Core plans, which offers its members:


    • The security of full medical emergency cover while they are roaming outside of the South African borders;
    • Covered under all three plans are full private hospital benefits;
    • 100% medicines cover for all lingering illnesses and
    • Cover for other healthcare professionals of up to 200% of Discovery’s Health Rate


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