Leading Edge Hospital Plans in South Africa

    March 31, 2017

    Cash-strapped South Africans have to downscale wherever they can, and they’re looking at hospital plans with new interest for their health care needs. Here we will have a look at leading edge hospital plans in South Africa

    It is highly recommended to invest in a hospital plan from a medical aid as opposed to those hospital plans registered under the Short-Term Insurance Act. These plans offer far fewer benefits than those offered by medical aid schemes.

    There are hospital plans which restrict members to a network of hospitals and Leading Edge Hospital Plansdoctors, and there are other plans where members have freedom of choice and can use private hospitals of their choice.

    Selecting a hospital plan that will give you the best cover and value for money can be quite perplexing simply because South Africa has many medical schemes and even more plans to choose from. All these medical schemes market their benefit options differently.

    Leading Edge Hospital Plans

    The question now is, which medical aid offers the best hospital plan which is considered to be value for money? You’ve got some good options to choose from, and we mention a few –

    • Discovery Health – they are South Africa’s biggest medical scheme. Under this medical scheme, you’ll find some excellent hospital plans such as Essential Core, Classic Core, Coastal Core, Essential Delta, Classic Delta and Keycare Core Network option.
    • Genesis Medical Scheme – their hospital plans (Private Choice and Private) cover you for planned and emergency hospital admissions. Hospital plans include benefits for basic dentistry, an additional benefit covered by Genesis and not from your pocket. You’re able to use any private hospital and doctor. Private Choice’s Premium is R1000 a month in 2017 while Private is R1000 a month. What he/she needs. There is, therefore, no savings or day-to-day covering in this Liberty hospital plan.
    • Momentum Health – they also offer good value for money hospital plans. Different options of Momentum Health hospital plans include their Ingwe-, Access-, Custom-, Incentive-, Extender- and Summit Option. The principal member will pay R 1,266 a month in 2017. The Custom Option allows for hospitalisation in private hospitals, and there isn’t an overall annual limit for hospitalisation. There is, however, a R1200 co-payment which doesn’t apply for emergencies. 27 Chronic diseases have coverage.
    • Fedhealth EntryZone Hospital Plan – Fedhealth provides you with generous options. There are many plans to choose from. For a sum of R1,326pm, Maxima EntryZone, for instance, is an essential plan particularly for young single people. It provides comprehensive in-hospital cover, as well as benefits such as getting a free flu shot as well as a free FP visit for each beneficiary each year.


    Recover in Hospital in Peace – Leading Edge Hospital Plans

    If you can no longer afford a comprehensive medical aid, don’t give up on it and sit with nothing. A hospital plan can provide wonderful support for when you’re sick.

    South Africa offers leading edge hospital plans at affordable rates, and these will ensure you can recover without a dark cloud of financial stress looming over your hospital bed.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing