Maxima EntrySaver from Fedhealth

    January 26, 2017

    What is the Maxima EntrySaver from Fedhealth all about?

    The Maxima EntrySaver from Fedhealth makes available excellent hospital cover plus insures cover for those unexpected medical events, at a relatively small charge.

    Top level advantages of Maxima EntrySaver from Fedhealth?

    It caters for the Fedhealth Network of Private South African Hospitals including limited Out-of-hospital cover for those medical events that require additional expenses.

    The great thing about this plan is that it provides cover for full-time students up until them reaching the age of 27 years.

     Explore the Value Added and General Benefits of the Maxima EntrySaver from Fedhealth

    • Maxima EntrySaver from FedhealthWhether members are admitted to hospital or not, all casualty ward trauma treatment is fully covered;
    • On discharge members are provided with medication to last them at least one week;
    • Members requiring additional medical care after discharged from hospital are covered for a full period of 30 days;
    • All members can make use of the additional, free annual benefit, of immunisations against the flu virus;
    • Also at no extra cost Fedhealth avails Unlimited, around the clock, access to their Nurse’s Line;
    • Provision is made for unlimited cover for members making use of Private Hospitals within South Africa;
    • The In-hospital Fedhealth-network of Specialists are covered for an unlimited amount;
    • All consultations to Family Practitioners within the Fedhealth group also enjoys unlimited cover;
    • Members pay the difference between the 100% Fedhealth Cover opposed to the rate charged by unlisted professionals;
    • It covers selected birth control options (patch and IUDs including Mirena®, contraceptive rings and oral);
    • It covers chronic medication for all those conditions on the Fedhealth PBM listing;
    • Also covered is unlimited radiology (MRI & CT Scans provided that it is pre-authorised);
    • It offers sufficient cover for those unanticipated medical events from the Savings portion of this plan.


    Member Contributions

    Monthly premium

    It’s the main option, Where you will pay R1 640 for the main member, R1 181 for an adult dependant, and R524 for a child dependant.

    Annual Day to Day available Premium

    It’s the main option, Where you will pay R3 168 for the main member, R2 280 for an adult dependant, and R1 080 for a child dependant.

    Annual Day to Day available Family Premium

    It’s also a main option, Where you will pay R5 448 for the main member and one adult dependant, R6 456 for the main member, one adult dependent and one child dependent, and R7 464 for the main member, one adult dependent and two child dependents.


    Now is the time to take charge of your healthcare needs

    To avoid stressful financial situations especially with a minor/major medical condition, why not explore this option and make that very important health care decision today.

    Allow a Fedhealth to provide further details or suggestions for the perfect plan for your budgetary and medical needs.


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