Hospital Cash Cover FAQ

    April 2, 2016

    At quick glance, all the different medical aids might well look alike in terms of prices and features as well as hospital cash plans. Probe deeper and you’ll find differences which will dramatically affect your health cover. Hospital Cash Cover is quite different to a medical aid and for each day you spend in hospital you’ll receive a cash amount to tide you over an ‘out of action’ period.

    Hippo is a South African comparison website and you’ll be able to compare hospital cash cover from a range of different brands to help you make an informed choice. They also answer some of the questions people have about hospital cash plans and below are some of the typical questions people want answered.

    Question 1: What are the advantages of Hospital Cash Cover?

    The cover amount is attractive, and it is paid out to the holder of the plan to spend as the need arises – on medical bills or anything else.

    Question 2: What is a major disadvantage?

    • One needs to be hospitalized for 3 days to claim
    • There is plenty of fraud in the hospital cash cover market and this means claims taking longer to process and increased premiums


    Question 3:  Is there a difference between Gap Cover and a Hospital Cash Plan?

    Hospital Cash CoverYes. Gap Cover is provided by short-term insurance companies. It provides the shortfall that exists between the amount charged by the doctor and the amount paid by the medical scheme. Gap Cover doesn’t ensure all co-pays will be covered. Hospital Cash cover pays out a certain sum of cash for each day the member is in hospital. The cover mostly kicks in from 3rd day a person is in hospital.

    Question 4: Who can apply for Hospital Cash Cover?

    If you are a permanent resident of South Africa and you are aged between 16 and 65, you can apply

    Question 5: Regardless of whether I’m in a Private- or Government Hospital, will the policy still pay out?

    Yes, the benefits are applicable to any registered hospital in South Africs

    Question 6: What about a medical condition I have before applying for a hospital cash plan – Will it be covered?

    If you already have a medical condition for which you are receiving treatment or which you are expecting treatment, then it won’t be covered. For a medical condition you have been receiving treatment for 12 months prior to applying, you won’t be covered for this.
    Pre-existing medical conditions are covered for optical and dental benefits

    Question 7: When can you claim for your stint in hospital?

    Once you are discharged, get all your documentation together and submit a claim. The documentation you need to attach to your claim form is –

    • a copy of your ID
    • a completed claim form
    • your final hospital account so the claims department can have your exact dates of admission and discharge
    • a medical report form which has been filled in by your regular doctor

    Call your claims department to make sure exactly what documentation is required to avoid claim processing delays.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing