List of the 10 Best Hospital Plans in South Africa

    December 8, 2016

    First of all, In South Africa, the hospital plans designed to provide exceptional value for people of all ages and income groups. So It is up to you to decide which are best hospital plans in South Africa.


    Best Hospital Plans

    In this article we will explore some of the benefits offered by the ten best hospital plans in South Africa:

    Bestmed Hospital Plan

    best hospital plansBestmed provides three best hospital plans, each providing different benefits.

    • Pace Range: An adaptable income plan. Comprehensive In-Hospital and Enhanced Out-of- Hospital Benefits. Savings Account and Four additional Medical Protection Options.
    • Pulse Range: For families: Complete In-Hospital Benefits plus Extensive Out-of-Hospital Benefits and Two Additional Medical Protection Options.
    • Beat Range: For young individuals or families: Flexible In-Hospital and Limited Out-of-Hospital Benefits, a Savings Account and Four Additional Medical Protection Options.


    Bonitas Hospital Plan

    All Bonitas’ Medical Aid options offer Hospital Plans, for families and pensioners.

    • BonEssential: Offers In-Hospital and Out-of-Hospital benefits, Savings Account, Chronic Conditions, Maternity and Childhood Illnesses, and Preventative Care and Wellness Screening.
    • BonCap: Offers more comprehensive benefits.
    • Core Plus Benefit: At higher cost offers more enhanced benefits.


    Discovery Hospital Plans

    Discovery Medical Aid offers 6 Core Series Hospital Plans. Therefore of which their Keycare and Core Series benefits are proven to be the most favoured amongst members.

    • Core Series: In-Hospital care, medical emergencies while travelling overseas and chronic conditions medication provision, etc.
    • KeyCare Series: Unlimited In-Hospital network based benefits, Specialist and GP consultations, chronic conditions medication, blood tests, X-rays, etc.


    Trauma patients and Outpatients cover only in the event of them going to the hospital.

    Also, an additional Gap Cover is made available for members to purchase to cover the shortfall on individual healthcare accounts.


    Genesis Hospital Plan

    Genesis is a company that provides one of the best hospital plans in South Africa. Genisis can provide benefits at almost 31% lower compared to similar options by other companies.

    Genesis Private Choice:  Low cost, an entry-level plan covering unlimited SA private or state hospital, generous basic dentistry, emergency medical evacuation, limited In-Hospital care for some large Medical Illnesses and 25 Chronic Conditions.

    Slightly more expensive is their Genesis Private plan that additionally offers Organic Transplant, Cancer and Stroke cover.


    Liberty Medical Schemes for Hospitals

    Liberty provides the following three best hospital plans they can offer. All of which include “Extender Benefits” cover payable from members’ significant medical benefits:

    • Liberty Hospital PlusConsidered to be their best option and providing free cover for any South African private hospital opted by a member.
    • Liberty Hospital Standard:  A slightly more wider-ranging plan for young people starting a family or their career, and students, which allows them only to pay for what they need within the “Select Hospital Network”.
    • Liberty Hospital SelectVery affordable plan allowing members to also only paying only for what they need but they are restricted to make use of hospitals within the “Select Hospital Network” only.


    Also, new gap cover can, however, be purchased to cover specialist shortfalls.


    Medihelp Medical Aid and Hospital Plans

    • Medihelp, one of the largest medical schemes in South Africa offer the following affordable healthcare options:
    • Medihelp Dimension Prime 1: For healthy and responsible people requiring hospital cover, offering a choice between a Medihelp Network hospital – 22% monthly premium saving, and a private hospital.  Regarded as the best hospital plan in its price range, covering preventive care, pregnancy and screening tests benefits plus a low Day-to-Day.
    • Medihelp Dimension Prime 2: Comprehensive Private Hospital Cover, Day-to-Day, Maternity and screening benefits plus a choice between a Medihelp Network hospital – 22% monthly premium saving, and a private hospital.
    • Medihelp Dimension Prime 3: Comprehensive hospital plan that covers the healthcare needs of an entire family, including Day-to-Day, Optometry, Dental and preventive care benefits.  It plans too, a choice between a Medihelp Network hospital, and a private hospital but – 20% monthly premium saving.
    • Medihelp Plus: Ultimate full cover for hospital and day-to-day expenses. It provides exceptional private hospitalisation, medical emergencies, preventive care and generous Day-to-Day benefits.
    • Medihelp EliteGreat for people requiring more extensive healthcare benefits, this comprehensive plan includes separate Chronic medication benefits, Day-to-Day and Hospital cover.
    • Unify: Provides a 25% Savings Account for Day-to-Day, Hospital cover, screening tests and child dependant rates until children reach the age of 26.
    • Medihelp Necesse: An income-based plan, ideal for corporate clients and full-time tertiary students.


    Medshield Medical Aid Products

    Medshield offers the following affordable plans for all income and age groups:

    • MediBonus: Comprehensive, unlimited, In-Hospital benefits within the network hospital group, maternity, basic dentistry, specialists, GPs and surgical procedures cover.
    • MediPhila: For low-income earners, In-Hospital and Day-to-Day cover within the network hospital group.
    • MediPlus: For middle-income families:  unlimited, In-Hospital benefits within the network hospital group, maternity, basic dentistry and specialists, GPs and surgical procedures, Day-to-Day medical benefits.
    • MediSaver: Comprehensive unlimited, In-Hospital, network based, and cost effective plan aimed at young individuals and families.
    • MediValue: For healthy, single individuals, it offers generous, limited, annual hospital cover, Day-to-Day, maternity and cover for their listed 26 PMB chronic conditions.
    • Premium Plus: In-Hospital benefits within the network hospital group at 200% scheme’s rate, large Out-of-Hospital savings, 26 PMB chronic diseases, 54 additional conditions plus a separate maternity benefit.
    • Standard: Unlimited hospitals cover within its network, medication, maternity, oncology, ambulance services plus wellness benefits.


    Momentum Health Hospital Schemes

    Momentum Health provides the following medical aid options of which their Ingwe and Access Options offer the most value for money:


    • Access: Considered to be one of their top tier options that cover 100% specialists and hospital accounts and no annual limit for hospital visits.
    • Custom: Covers 100% specialists and hospital accounts, no an annual limit for hospital visits and requires a co-payment of R1000,00.
    • Incentive & Extender: Same benefits as Custom Option but with a cover of 200% for other specialists.
    • Ingwe: Covers 100% specialists and hospital accounts, limited to R1060000,00 per year/family.
    • Summit:  A superior hospital plan offering similar benefits as the Incentive & Extender options but with a cover of 300% for other specialists.


    Selfmed Offers Simple Medical Aid Schemes

    Selfmed offers hospital plans within their five medical scheme products. So that excludes value-added rewards provided by other plans in the healthcare industry.

    So their hospital plans are simple and straightforward, contributing to member peace of mind.

    Most of all, their MEDXXI Hospital Plan provides unlimited In-Hospital cover while their Selfsure Hospital Plan also provides unlimited In-Hospital cover with added Day-to-Day benefits.


    Sizwe Medical Aid Options

    Sizwe offers the following five different Hospital plan options:

    • Affordable Care: For high-income earners, but a more comprehensive healthcare option that provides extensive hospitalisation at any private hospital.
    • Gomomo Care: For lower income earners, an entry level plan for basic cover.
    • Full Benefit Plan: Also for high-income families and individuals, requiring extensive hospitalisation.
    • Primary Care Plan: Also For higher income earners with dependants, providing comprehensive cover.
    • Savings Care: Comprehensive In-Hospital and Out-of-hospital benefits, and the option of any private hospital.



    NB!  Although every care was taken to source and reflect accurate information, we do not accept any accountability for possible inaccuracies.  Therefore it is imperative that a Discovery Health Consultant or a Broker is consulted before making any healthcare decision.

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