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    September 18, 2014

    Fedhealth medical aid hospital plan options are worth a look when you are shopping around for hospital plans.

    Fedhealth medical aid has been around for decades. It started out as a medical scheme serving the lower end of the market. This makes them seasoned experts when it comes to including as many benefits as possible to any scheme for the least amount of money.

    Fedhealth Blue Door is an example of lots of benefits for low monthly premiums. It was designed for blue collar workers who want a Fedhealth hospital plan but can’t afford to pay out thousands for themselves and their families. Fedhealth hospital plans are arguably the best hospital plan options for people in the lower income bracket.

    Fedhealth Medical AidAlthough Fedhealth medical aid hospital plans are not as well known as the Discovery Health hospital plan, Fedhealth has several affordable options, just like Discovery Keycare. Have a look at the Fedhealth Ultima and Fedhealth Maxima options without the trimmings and compare these with Discovery hospital plan options.

    Hospital Plan –South Africa – Medical Aid

    Fedhealth hospital plans are comparable with those offered by the Bonitas hospital plan. Bonitas is similar to Fedhealth in the sense that it started out serving the lowest income sector, namely black workers. It has since opened to everyone and these days Bonitas is one of the largest health schemes in the country.

    Apart from Discovery and Fedhealth medical aid you can look at the Bestmed hospital plan and the Medihelp hospital plan. There is certainly nothing wrong with these, as tens of thousands of Medihelp and Bestmed members will tell you.

    The important thing is to get a hospital plan from a medical scheme and not an insurance company. This is because the registered medical schemes are covered by the Medical Schemes Act while insurance companies are not.

    Advantages of Fedhealth Medical Aid

    This means you get lots of extra cover in a hospital plan offered by a medical scheme such as the Fedhealth hospital plan than you do from a cash back hospital plan, for instance, from an insurance company. Every medical aid scheme and hospital plan option from a medical aid includes some cover according to the official list of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs). This legislations ensures that even people with simple hospital plans get some measure of cover for treatment relating to a wide range of conditions ranging from HIV/ Aids to cancer to asthma to diabetes.

    So when shopping around for a hospital plan, look only to the registered medical schemes such as Discovery, Bestmed, Fedhealth, Medihelp, Liberty Health and Bonitas. Any Fedhealth hospital plan is an example of this.

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