Hospital Plans – The Importance of Comparison

    January 26, 2017

    The importance of comparison with benefits and premiums levied on the myriad of hospital plans available in South Africa cannot be over-stressed.

    Time spent investigating all options will save unnecessary expenditure on hospital plans that do not meet personal or family requirements.

    Some companies even give their clients the option of selecting the products they need. So streamlining hospital plan benefits to suit their clients’ health requirements and budget constraints.

    Importance of Comparison

    Importance of ComparisonHospital Plans generally cover the costs of in-hospital treatments, including anaesthetists and surgeons.

    Hospital plans don’t cover the cost of out-patient treatments. But some companies offer this benefit at an additional cost.

    An important aspect of the burden of ill health is the fact that the cost of services provided by both anaesthetists and surgeons are usually three times higher than the National Reference Price List (NRPL).

    It is therefore of utmost importance to check whether the selected Hospital Plan pays at the NRPL ceiling rate or at private rates imposed by the medical profession.

    In general, private hospitals have an agreed tariff with the various companies providing cover. And if this is the case, then all hospital and related bills will be fully paid.

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