Discovery Health Hospital Admission Advice

    January 9, 2017

    Many people don’t need to take chronic medication. They don’t need continuous treatment for their ailments. These are the people opting for hospital plans rather than medical schemes. Hospital plans are cheaper and make more sense to those who are fortunate to be in excellent health. Many of these people can cope with the day-to-day medical expenses that arise like dentists, optometrists or visits to the doctor. Read more here on Discovery Health Hospital Admission.


    Discovery Health Hospital Admission

    Discovery Health Hospital AdmissionIf you need to go to a hospital, Discovery Health Hospital Admission Advice is important for you to read.

    • Even with medical aid, you still need authorization from your scheme to go to a hospital.
    • Whenever your doctor plans a hospital stay for you, let Discovery know 48 hours before you go to a hospital. Discovery says if you don’t authorise your admission, they will only pay 70% of the costs they would normally cover.
    • Check with Discovery – most times the onus lies with the patient to call the medical aid and request authorisation.
    • Sometimes your doctor even has to motivate for the hospital admission.
    • If you’ve been in an accident and can’t speak for yourself. Your next of kin can call the medical aid and request the authorisation numberDiscovery offers six different types of hospital plans from the Core series. Hospital plans for Discovery cover all the services that in a hospital like surgery and anaesthetics.


    Understand YOUR Plan

    If you are admitted to a hospital, and Discovery medical aid has approved your admission and the kind of treatment you will have, you will have your costs covered. You need to realise that events such as trauma units and out-patients aren’t considered admission to hospital unless you as a member need to be admitted there.

    Under the Core series of Discovery, you will have very cost effective in-hospital cover. Plus you will receive cover for chronic medication.

    Your hospital cover will be unlimited which means you get admission to any of Discovery’s network of private hospitals. The plans under the Core series will cover you for up to 90 days to an amount of R5 million for every member when there is a case of a medical emergency.

    If you are on the Coastal Core plan, you will as a member, expect to go to a hospital that is in any of the four coastal provinces to be able to receive full cover. If you do not use the coastal hospital on the network, then Discovery will only pay out 70% of your hospital bill, and you will have to pay the balance.

    Know the rules

    Your hospital admission cover might be only according to certain rules of the scheme. If you are in a hospital, you might get additional expenses while you are there that your plan does not cover. It could be for other procedures. Or being in a private ward for instance or wanting to try out new technologies.

    Find out Everything Lest you end up Paying

    Let Discovery know if you have to go to a hospital and acquaint yourself very well with the procedures.  You need to find out what cover you have and be clear on which hospital you can go. You may need to use a network hospital. But if you don’t use one of these hospitals, you may have to pay the claims yourself.


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