Maxima Saver Plan from Fedhealth

    January 9, 2017

    Who would be the ideal candidates for the Maxima Saver Plan from Fedhealth?


    Young professionals who want full confidence that their health care needs have expert management and excellent benefits can derive significant benefit from the Maxima Saver Plan from Fedhealth.

    When patients go to a hospital, they do not want to be anxious about hospital expenses whether or not it is for the minor to the major medical conditions, sudden onset of illnesses or even accidents.

    Though a bit more costly it is a plan that both covers hospital expenses and provides that vital security that periods of recovery, even beyond periods of hospitalisation, have adequate cover.


    Various Maxima Saver Plan Options & Member Payments

    Maxima Saver Plan









    Let us firstly explore the various premium options that are available.


    Maxima Saver MONTHY PREMIUM PLAN OPTION Main Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
    MAIN R2 079 R1 693 R600
    GRID R1 871 R1 524 R540
    Maxima Saver ANNUAL Day to Day available PREMIUM PLAN OPTION Main Member Adult Dependant CD
    MAIN R3 744 R3 048 R1 080
    GRID R3 372 R2 748 R972
    Maxima Saver ANNUAL Day to Day available FAMILY PREMIUM PLAN OPTION Main Member+ Adult Dependant Main Member + Adult Dependant + 1 Child Dependant Main Member + Adult Dependant + 2 Child Dependants
    MAIN R6 792 R7 872 R8 952
    GRID R6 120 R7 092 R8 064


    Now let’s explore some the high-level cover:


    • There is no limit on cover for all Private South African hospitals;
    • Non-Fedhealth professionals get up to 100% of the Fedhealth Cover with the member being liable for the difference in costs;
    • There is also no limit on cover for Contracted-In Fedhealth Group of In-Hospital Specialists;
    • It offers unlimited consultations cover for Listed Fedhealth-Network Family Practitioners;
    • 25 of the Prescribed Minimum Benefit Chronic Conditions and medication is included;
    • Unlimited pre-authorised radiology;
    • Elementary dentistry is covered;
    • Members qualify for free flu vaccinations on an annual basis;
    • Cover for various contraception required by females;
    • If you need additional treatment after discharge, you have cover for another 30 days;
    • To avoid having to collect medication after discharge from hospital especially if further recuperation is necessary, this plan makes provision for take-home medication for a  whole week;
    • Another excellent benefit is the free 24-hour access to the Fedhealth’s Nurse telephone line;
    • You have cover for the value added benefits for those unanticipated and or additional expenses
    • Full cover for trauma treatment while members are in a casualty ward.

    Does the Maxima Saver plan interest you?

    Kindly visit to explore in-depth benefits or contact them

    via SMS: “MAXIMASAVER” to 32199 or by telephone call to 082 000 2153


    All info was correct at time of publishing