Discovery Essential Hospital Plans

    January 7, 2017

    People look at their medical aid plans and realise they can no longer afford them. We are forced to look at programs which are cheaper than medical aid cover. Why not consider Discovery Essential Hospital Cover.

    Discovery Essential Hospital Cover

    Discovery offers many different hospital plans which are vital to people who can’t afford a full medical aid plan.

    Discovery Essential Hospital Cover

      • Their Saver Series, for instance, provides extensive in-hospital cover as well as a savings account for day-to-day benefits. You have no overall hospital limit on approved hospital admissions. Discovery will cover you in full if you see a specialist who participates in Discovery’s Premier Rate or Classic Direct arrangements.
      • Their Smart Plans are mainly hospital programs with the Essential plan. Offering cover for GP consults, preventative care benefits, dental check-up and eye tests. The Smart plan also provides sports related injuries cover as well as cover for acute meds. All treatment is subject to provider networks and co-payments.
      • Discovery Health offers six different hospital plans under their Core series  – Classic Core, Classic Delta Core, Coastal Core, Essential Core, Essential Delta Core network option and KeyCare Core system option. All these hospital plans come from one of South Africa’s biggest medical schemes, with well over 2.6 million members.


    Core Series

    The Core Series offers Essential Hospital cover with no overall limit for hospital cover. You can go to any private hospital in the Classic and Essential Plans and to any of the many excellent network hospitals on the Coastal and Dental plans

    With this Core Series, you get unlimited private hospital cover. You get guaranteed full cover in a hospital for specialists. This is because Discovery has payment agreements of up to 200% of the Discovery Health Rate on some plans and up to 100% on the Essential- and Coastal Plans.

    You also get full cover for chronic medicine for all CDL chronic conditions if you use MedXpress Cover when travelling. This is for those medical emergencies.

    With Discovery’s Essential Core Hospital Plan, for instance, you’ll find it offers no-limit access to hospital cover which includes chronic medication and screening tests
    in-hospital benefits – unlimited at 100% of Discovery Health Rate
    – GPs and specialists
    – chronic – 27 PMBs
    – Member pays R1 648 a month

    Hospital Plans from Discovery

    Hospital Plans from Discovery mean you get cover –

    – for all the accounts from the doctor who admitted you
    – for the account from the hospital
    – cover for healthcare professionals in the hospital such as the anaesthetist
    South Africa offers top medical aid hospital plans in South Africa, and Discovery’s hospital plans are among the best.
    With a hospital plan, you get covered for the services offered in the hospital. Before you choose any plan, it’s vital to know what’s available.

    To get a FREE hospital plan quote, please fill in the form on this page.

    Unlike a medical aid, a hospital plan only covers medical care in a hospital. The hospital plans offered by medical aids cover about 26 prescribed chronic conditions

    So hospital plans from a well known medical scheme conform to a code of ethics, and this means your hospital plans from Discovery are a wise investment. Get free online Hospital Plan quotes now.

    All info was correct at time of publishing