Core Series Hospital Plans from Discovery

    August 8, 2016

    There are truly affordable Discovery Core series hospital plans, which are a great draw-card for cash-strapped South Africans. When it comes to pricing of a hospital plan, then consumers need to compare benefits of each plan.

    People also should understand that a medical aid hospital plan and a hospital cash plan are two different financial products. Discovery Core series hospital plans are are good choices for healthier individuals who can’t afford the high premiums of a comprehensive medical aid plan.

    These hospital plans provide cover for you when you are admitted to hospital for planned hospital admissions, as well as for admissions. However, before you go in for a planned stay, you need to get authorisation. Your hospital cover includes your actual hospital account and bills from the doctors who treat you, in addition to any tests and scans you may have.

    Use the schemes network providers, and you’ll see that your contributions are as affordable as possible.

    Core Series Hospital Plans from Discovery

    The biggest benefit of a hospital plan is the protection a person gets when they are suddenly in hospital. Hence there are hospital plans that provide full coverage if the member goes to a hospital that is part of their network. These hospital plans aren’t designed to provide full medical coverage, but they are required to offer Prescribed Minimum Benefits or PMBs. There are 27 PMB chronic disease conditions.

    One-Stop in-hospital Security

    Discovery Health offers some hospital plans of which their Core Series hospital plans are an attractive choice. The plans in the Core Series provide hospital cover, and they don’t offer day to day cover. And members can choose from five options:

    • Classic – in 2016 contributions each month are R1 745
    • Classic Delta – R1 397
    • Essential – R1 499
    • Essential Delta R1 198
    • Coastal –  R1 302


    Look at These Hospital Benefits

    With these plans, you get unlimited cover in private hospitals for:

    • Severe dental and oral surgery
    • All emergencies
    • 27 chronic diseases
    • On the Classic and Essential Delta network options, you are covered in full at those hospitals in the Delta Hospital Network. On the Coastal Plan, you have to use a hospital in the coastal provinces for a planned hospital admission. If you don’t use one of the coastal hospitals, then Discovery will pay a certain percentage of the hospital account, and you will have to pay the difference. If you are a Classic member, consequently you will have access to specialists who Discovery will pay in full. These health care specialists are also the designated providers for Prescribed Minimum Benefits. Or you could be looking at a co-payment if you use other specialists.
    • Your hospital benefit covers your hospital bills.
    • Medxpress – this is a convenient medicine ordering service, which is great for monthly chronic medicine.
    • Some health care services which come with an annual limit namely:
      -hip, knee and shoulder joint prostheses
      -chronic dialysis
      -alcohol and drug rehabilitation
      -mental health
      -cochlear implants – R197 000 for each person
    • Extensive cover for chronic conditions and cancer.
    • Personal health programme.
    • HIV care programmes.
    • Additional benefits such as education cover.
    • Discovery HomeCare. This is a home-based service that offers you quality care at home. Therefore it allows you to recover in a familiar environment amongst your family.


    Core Series Hospital Plans – Worth Exploring

    Undoubtedly large blocks of the South African population are finding they must re-allocate their funds. So if a comprehensive medical aid has become beyond your means, then the more affordable hospital plans are certainly worth exploring.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing