Selfmed Hospital Plan Details

    February 18, 2020

    Thinking about healthcare options? Even though it can prove to be tough with the many options out there, it’s important to make a sound decision. Time for a Selfmed hospital plan.

    While most medical aid schemes offer hospital plans, not all of them, thoroughly inform their members about its correct application.

    That results in challenges when people discover afterwards that they either don’t have the right cover. Or worse still, that they don’t cover themselves for a major health event.
    The person who manages his/her health responsibly, monitoring his/her physical condition over time, are in a better place to make decisions about investing in a hospital plan.

    selfmed hospital planHospital plans
     are like security against serious events like severe accidents that would require you to be in the hospital.

    The trend these days is to opt for hospital or healthcare insurance plans instead of comprehensive medical aid plans. Due to the above option also being much more affordable.

    Another reason for this trend is due to hospital plans also offering essential medical cover for cases of emergencies, and enabling better control over medical expenses.

    The advantages to young and healthy people is that they can defer obtaining comprehensive medical aid until they can either build such additional costs into their budgets or until they start a family.

    Young families will benefit from covering their children against potential life threatening illnesses.

    On the other hand, Senior citizens with unknown ailments and hereditary health problems would be more suited to comprehensive cover. That’s because it supplies more generous chronic medication and optimally covers specialist consultations.

    Selfmed Hospital Plan

    Although Selfmed offers medical aid options, they also offer their very popular MEDXXI hospital plan also the Selfmed hospital plan, that is way more affordable than their medical aid options.

    The MEDXXI hospital plan offers solid healthcare cover and peace of mind despite the exclusion of lifestyle perks offered by other healthcare companies.

    This hospital plan provides the following benefits:

    • Covers unlimited hospitalisation at any of the Scheme’s group of hospitals
    • The convenience of receiving medication upon discharge
    • Unlimited ER24 emergency transportation within South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho
    • Cover and access to professional, specialised, disease management programmes for those dreaded life-threatening conditions, for example, HIV/AIDS, cancer, strokes & others
    • Subject to scheme approval – unlimited rehabilitation and home nursing benefits
    • Unlimited cover for in and out of hospital laser tonsillectomies, gastroscopies and colonoscopies (although co-payments may apply in some cases)
    • Cover for both in and out of hospital MRI and CT scans
    • Substantial maternity and confinement benefits including homebirth


    Prevention is always much better than cure

    Optimal nutrition and balanced dietary programmes. Will not only contribute to general well-being but has proven to reduce the risk of illnesses significantly.

    Safe with the cover and benefits of a hospital plan, catering to your specific needs, will result in an enhanced lifestyle and better health management.

    So be ready to get your optimal plan in place speedily to gift yourself with access to suitable cover and benefits, not only in health but also in your budget.

    Contact Information

    Although Selfmed’s MEDXXI hospital plan is so popular, it is not the hospital plan for everybody.  So we recommend thorough research.

    Interested in Selfmeds hospital plan and want more information? Please call 021 943 2300 or 021 943 2301


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