Medihelp Prime 1 Hospital Plan

    July 9, 2020

    Many South Africans are fortunate to join a medical aid scheme. Each medical scheme offers a variety of plans. Medihelp Prime 1 meets most people’s requirements.

    Legislation requires that these medical aid plans include certain things. These are hospital plans and chronic medication benefits among others.

    Everybody is battling to make ends meet. Medical aid members are starting to look at hospital plans as a more affordable option.

    Medihelp Medical Scheme is a good place to investigate hospital plans.Significantly, they are one of South Africa’s top open medical schemes. They’ve been operating for more than a century already. And they have managed to stay ahead of the changing healthcare industry.

    Medihelp Prime 1 Hospital Plan is a Medical Aid Product

    Medihelp Prime 1

    The hospital plan from Medihelp – Prime 1 – is a good idea if you’re healthy. With this hospital plan you can enjoy private healthcare at an affordable price.

    More about the Medihelp Prime 1 Hospital Plan –

    • Cover for hospital admissions at any private facility.
    • Medihelp members pay child dependant rates for kids up to the time they turn 26 years of age.
    • Members who are on the Prime network benefit option will need to be admitted to one of the network hospitals when they have a planned procedure. There are 119 of these hospitals.
    • Medihelp partners with the best providers and networks. This is so they can provide plan members access to quality, affordable care.
    • Minor day-to-day medical expenses including dentistry.
    • Chronic medications and PMBs. You are covered for the treatment of no less than 270 conditions and for the treatment of 26 chronic diseases. You’re also covered for medical emergencies – the sudden onset of a health condition that requires immediate treatment.
    • In-hospital costs cover.
    • Pregnancy and baby benefits.
    • Opt for the network alternative with access to 120 hospitals.
    • Psychiatric treatment with a certain amount for each beneficiary each year.
    • Oncology benefit.
    • Organ transplants as well as other core benefits such as renal dialysis, oxygen, etc.
    • Post-hospital care.
    • Prostheses benefits.
    • Trauma-related benefits. This is important in a country like South Africa and includes the likes of stab wounds, gunshot wounds, motor vehicle accidents, burns, and head trauma.
    • Road and air transport – Netcare 911.


    Medihelp Hospital Plan Benefits Galore

    There are other benefits provided each year. These are Men’s Health and Women’s Health for instance.

    Women can have a pap smear and mammogram if they’re over 40 years of age. Included is a flu vaccination at Clicks or Dis-Chem.

    Men can have a prostate test for those over 40 as well as a flu vaccine. These tests for both men and women are when they have been requested by a medical doctor.

    Other added insured benefits include enhanced maternity benefits and routine screening. Immunisation benefits, child benefits, supporting wellness ad well as additional screenings and immunisation for those over 50 are included.

    Stick with a reputable medical scheme

    You can get a hospital plan from insurance companies and medical aids. A hospital plan from Medihelp is a better option as a hospital plan offered by an insurance company is a financial product.

    When coming from an insurance company, it’s not regulated by the Medical Schemes Act. You can be refused cover too as they look at you as a risk. They don’t have to cover the treatment of prescribed minimum benefits.

    You’re far better off going for a cool hospital plan from a reputable medical scheme such as Medihelp.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing