Bonitas Boncap May Be Your Ticket to Good Health

    January 27, 2015

    There are very good reasons why Bonitas Boncap is one of the most popular medical care plans in the country. Of course, the very fact that Bonitas is the second largest medical scheme in South Africa should already be a strong indicator that their plans and services are trusted and effective.

    Bonitas BonCap Medical Aid Benefits

    The Bonitas medical scheme offers its members outstanding benefits, even for members of an entry level plan such as Bonitas BonCap. Here a are just a few of the highlights (for more information visit their website at :

    • Bonitas Medical Aid enjoys an enviable global credit rating of AA-, an achievement few other schemes can equal. With more than three point three billion Rands in reserve there is little chance that members will be left in the lurch.
    • This medical scheme pays out more claims than any other company. They boast a pay-out Bonitas Boncappercentage of 93%!
    • The company has a network of more than 5 500 doctors. This is the biggest network in the country and it means that members will have access to competent health practitioners regardless of where they are.
    • All the plans on offer are designed with affordability in mind. For example, members with more than three children enjoy free cover for the fourth and subsequent children. Only Discovery Medical Aid offers similar benefits.

    Medical Aids in South Africa

    South African citizens are blessed with an excellent private health system. Schemes such as Liberty Medical Aid, Momentum Medical Aid, Genesis Medical Aid and Discovery Health are all financially healthy and they enjoy the esteem of international financial viability rating agencies. As the second largest scheme in South Africa and with a history of thirty two years in the industry the Bonitas medical scheme is certainly a giant player in the health industry.

    Hospital Plans in South Africa Bonitas BonCapThe public health system in South Africa compares very well with public health systems elsewhere in the world and has even been rated as better that those found in some first world countries. Unfortunately, South Africa has many citizens simply too poor to pay for health care, even for affordable private plans such as Bonitas BonCap. This means that the public system is under tremendous pressure. They simply do not have the facilities and resources to provide a quality service to all South Africans. The only alternative is to become a member of a private medical scheme.

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    Bonitas Boncap Details

    Bonitas BonCap is an entry level plan that has been designed to fit almost any pocket. It gives members access to a large network of carefully vetted private health practitioners, specialists and private hospitals. Members may only use approved service providers. The plan features some unparalleled benefits:

    • The monthly premiums for the Bonitas BonCap plan is dependent upon the pensionable income of the primary member. This means that members earning less pay smaller premiums. More importantly: it means that even those earning less than R6100.00 per month can afford a quality medical aid plan.Bonitas BonCap
    • Bonitas BonCap members enjoy generous day-to-day benefits but they have to use service providers that are part of the approved network.
    • Members of Bonitas BonCap and their dependants are entitled to an eye test an a new pair of spectacles every two years. The plan even allows for basic dental care, a benefit offered by very few other entry-level plans.
    • All Bonitas BonCap members enjoy 100% cover in case of hospitalisation, but prior authorization is necessary.
    • All members of Bonitas BonCap and their dependants enjoy 100% cover for twenty six common chronic conditions.
    • The Bonitas BonCap plan even includes preventive tests and general wellness assessments.




    All info was correct at time of publishing