Sanlam Hospital Plans – Affordable Medical Aid Cover

    July 10, 2020

    A hospital plan is a kind of risk-based insurance. In exchange for a lesser monthly premium than medical aid, it covers your healthcare needs. Sanlam hospital plans fall into this category.

    In recent months, there are more South Africans than ever cancelling their medical aids.

    That’s all very well for some people, but when you’ve got young children, you have to think twice.

    Medical Aid too Expensive? Find a cheaper option

    Without medical aid, you have to find a cheaper, but effective alternative. The answer lies in hospital plans. These hospital plans are provided to you by the medical aids, insurance companies and financial institutions.Sanlam hospital plans are alternatives to comprehensive medical aid

    Sanlam is a South African financial services group. They’ve been around for a long time. They were established way back in 1918. They started out as a life insurance company. Over the years they’ve diversified. They are made up of Sanlam Personal Finance, Emerging Markets, Corporate, Investments and Santam.

    Sanlam has expertise in insurance, retirement annuities, risk management, financial planning, trusts, wills, short-term insurance, investment and wealth, asset management and capital market activities.

    Why Sanlam hospital plans are good

    Sanlam has partnered with Fedhealth and Bonitas medical schemes. This is so that they can offer a host of useful healthcare options to their clients. Joining up with such reputable medical schemes means you have access to the best hospital plans.

    • Bonitas was established in 1982 and is the 2nd largest medical aid provider in South Africa.
    • Fedhealth was founded way back in 1936 and is one of the oldest medical aid providers in South Africa.


    Familiarize yourself with Exclusions and Co-payments

    When you start examining hospital plans you have to do research. There are exclusions and co-payments too, just like with a medical aid.

    Even with a much simpler hospital plan, you will need to know what payments you’ll be liable for.

    The insurance option

    A hospital plan from an insurance company is a financial product. This means your hospital plan won’t be regulated by the Medical Schemes Act. This isn’t good news.

    If the insurance company sees you as a risk they can refuse you cover. Unlike a medical aid they don’t have to cover the treatment of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs). Medical aids have to pay for these.

    The medical aid option

    A hospital plan offered by a medical aid can’t refuse you membership. Hospital plans from medical aids also come with additional cover, such as some day-to-day benefits.

    One thing is sure, a hospital plan is a far better alternative than not having any cover.

    They make a point of analysing the healthcare needs of customers. With this information they then provide a quotation. They can also offer advice on what plans to look at without any costs or obligations.

    Get advice on Sanlam hospital plans

    Sanlam has reputable and accredited healthcare advisers. They will analyse your needs. They’ll provide you with a comparative quotation and give you advice on appropriate medical scheme solutions.

    Sanlam makes applying for healthcare plans easy. They allow you to complete their online form and submit it to Sanlam Healthcare Consultants for a free quote.

    Use the form on this page to get your personal quote now!


    All info was correct at time of publishing