Oneplan Hospital Plan for All South Africans

    July 12, 2020

    Healthcare should be free but it isn’t – not in South Africa. The next best thing then is to have affordable health care. A Oneplan hospital plan is the answer.

    If you’re living in South Africa, it’s risky not to have health insurance, especially if you have a young family. If you’re uninsured, you could be faced with some high medical bills.

    When looking to compare policies, always check out how much cover you’ll get, what’s included, what’s excluded from the policy and what the monthly premiums are.

    Oneplan Hospital Plan App makes everything Convenient

    Oneplan believes they have the answer to affordable health insurance. They like to keep things simple too. They have their Oneplan app so that you can virtually do everything through it.


    Even though they keep things simple, they don’t compromise on the products they offer. When you download the app, you get instant access to your cover. It means you can manage policies from the palm of your hand.

    Oneplan also has its unique Onecard. Once you’ve chosen one of their health insurance plans, you can load your claim. This is done by means of the Oneplan App.

    • Oneplan offers four plans – Core-, Blue-, Professional and Executive. Core is their most basic plan and the Executive plan is the most comprehensive. It covers hospitalisation due to an accident and illness. It also covers emergency treatment at any medical facility. You also benefit fro having emergency transportation to the nearest medical facility as part of the plan. A large payment for dread disease is also part of the deal.
    • Compare all 4 plans together on one page.
    • Oneplan offers health insurance cover in private hospitals for accidents, casualty and illness and more.
    • Their Core Plan is most popular as it goes for less than R500 a month. Some of its offerings include


    Doctor visits
    Scripted medicine
    Pathology and radiology
    Accident cover, Accident Disability, Casualty cover, Casualty illness
    Maternity Pre Birth, natural birth and emergency caesareans
    Illness in hospital, dread disease
    Family Death Cover
    Trauma, Assault and Accidental HIV
    Ambulance and Emergency Services


    • You get paid before you see a doctor so you never have to not see a doctor because you didn’t have the money.
    • No network lists which means you can stay with the doctor of your choice.
    • No complicated paperwork as claims are done through the OnePlan App in just a minute.
    • Oneplan isn’t a medical aid but a short-term insurance product.
    • If you want to be in contact with OnePlan, you can SMS the word HEALTH to them and they will call you back.

    What is health insurance?

    Health Insurance, which is what you get from OnePlan is referring to a sum of money that will cover your hospital care when you land up there because of an illness or accident.

    Health insurance is generally based on your need. It is all about taking out insurance on your health.

    If you’ve got any questions, it is recommended that you see an adviser at OnePlan to make absolutely sure you’re clear about what’s on your plan.

    OnePlan makes it their policy to try and provide all of their clients with health plans that give peace of mind. They have confidence that they can meet their client’s needs and avoid them having to face a government hospital.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing