Bonitas Hospital Plan is a Great Alternative to Medical Aid

    July 10, 2020

    Having a hospital plan means you are covered in the event that you need to go to hospital. This is a good option if you need an affordable alternative to medical aid.

    These hospital plans are far more affordable but they essentially suit fairly healthy people who rarely visit a doctor.

    Bonitas – a generous mix of medical care plans

    When you’re on a hospital plan, you need to know however that your day-to-day expenses will be paid for out of your own pocket. In the event that you are admitted to hospital though, your hospital plan will in all likelihood cover the entire cost.

    Medical Schemes in South Africa offer these hospital plans and Bonitas Medical Scheme offers a good mix of medical plans. They are one of the country’s top open medical schemes.

    An alternative to medical aid is hospital insurance or a hospital plan from a medical scheme

    Their hospital plans are a popular choice. They offer hospital plans suited for individuals and families.

    Members have the option of using a hospital of choice or to choose a plan that uses a network of hospitals.

    BonEssential – hospital stays at private hospitals

    Bonitas offers many affordable healthcare plans. Their BonEssential hospital plan is a great choice for families. Bonitas negotiates with hospitals to ensure members get the best possible value.

    The BonEssential plan caters to those who need cover for emergencies. The cover is for hospital stays at a private hospital. Hospitalisation is covered at 100% of the Bonitas Medical Fund rate.

    A great alternative to medical aid

    Other benefits from the hospital plan –

    • Cancer cover. The BonEssential plan offers generous cover for the treatment of cancer. The benefit amount can be used in- and out of hospital and must be pre-authorised.
    • Cover for 27 chronic conditions. If you opt not to use the Designated Service Provider or if you want medicines not on the formulary, there will be a co-payment.
    • Holiday medical cover.
    • Unlimited specialist consultations while in hospital.
    • Unlimited radiology and pathology covered at 100% while in hospital.
    • And unlimited physical therapy, paramedical services, maxillo-facial surgery and cover for organ transplants.
    • Cover for HIV immune deficiency.
    • Mental health benefits.
    • Physical rehabilitation.
    • Out of hospital benefits include maternity benefits. You can enjoy 6 ante-natal consultations, 4 postnatal consultations, two 2 D scans,  1 amniocentesis, baby bag.
    • With this hospital plan from Bonitas, you need to know that co-payments are applied to certain in-hospital procedures.
    • There is also no benefit for in-hospital dentistry.
    • Additional benefits. This is because Bonitas want to give you more value. The extra benefits won’t affect your other benefit limits. These benefits include among others, International travel, Wellness screening, Contraceptives, Childcare, and Preventative Care.


    You can contact Bonitas directly

    If you’re having any trouble battling to understand what all these offerings and benefits are on the BonEssential Hospital plan, why not contact Bonitas? They offer free medical aid advice as well as quotes.

    Choosing a hospital plan where you can be sure you’re getting the best possible cover isn’t easy. You’ve got so many choices. One thing is sure – for quality hospital plans, make sure you get yours from a registered medical aid in South Africa.

    Bonitas Medical Scheme is committed to providing its members with quality products and services to help members get the quality healthcare they’re entitled to.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing