Excellent Hospital Plans from Discovery

    July 10, 2020

    Anyone choosing a full-cover medical aid plan will know that these days the plans require re-consideration. But there are excellent hospital plans from medical aids such as Discovery.

    Their monthly premiums for full-blown medical aid have shot through the roof, making medical aid plans reserved for the rich. Many however see medical aid plans as a ‘paying-more-than-you-get-out’ type of scheme and they want out.

    South Africans are looking at hospital plans as an alternative to medical aid. They want something they can afford. At least they know they’ll be covered for those unforeseen hospital admissions

    You can choose from 18 open medical schemes

    When you choose a hospital plan, you’ve got 18 open medical schemes to choose from. Discovery Health Excellent Hospital Plans from Discovery and Othersis the biggest. They also manage 18 restricted medical schemes for corporate clients.

    They’re well known for their Vitality programme. This is a health drive that addresses the health risks of members and offers solutions to make them better.Their hospital plans provide cover for treatment when a member is admitted to hospital.

    Excellent hospital plans covering in-hospital costs

    Among Discovery’s hospital plans, they have the Core-Series. This is avalue-for-money hospital plan that offers members unlimited private hospital cover.

    • There are 5 plans in the core series – Classic, Classic Delta, Essential, Essential Delta, and Coastal.


    • You get full cover for specialist treatment in hospital.


    • Up to 200% of the Discovery Health Rate.


    • Chronic medicines taken care of when you use a network pharmacy.


    • Maternity and childhood benefits. With antenatal consultations, the plan pays for up to 8 consultations with your gynaecologist. Ultrasound scans and screenings include two 2D ultrasound scans and1 nuchal translucency test.


    You’re also covered for one chromosome test. One flu injection during your pregnancy is included. Blood tests are paid for. Your baby is covered for 2 GP visits. Postnatal care is also included, plus more. You can see how well the plan covers your pregnancy.


    • Medical emergencies covered when travelling.


    • Emergencies are covered in full and you can go straight to the hospital. Discovery’s Core Series will pay for the ambulance. It will also pay the medical bill from the hospital andthe doctor’s bills. Included will be payment for the anaesthetist as well as other healthcare providersapproved by Discovery.


    • Cancer cover.


    • Day surgery.


    • Screening and prevention benefits for kids and adults.


    • Condition-specific care programmes for heart conditions, HIV, diabetes and mental health.


    • Benefits with an annual limit – dental treatment in hospital, alcohol and drug rehab, shoulder joint prosthesis and major joint surgery. Also included is mental health, internal nerve stimulators, auditory brain implants, cochlear implants and processors.


    • Extra benefits such as the home care benefit and compassionate care benefit etc. The Home Care Benefit from Discovery is useful. It’s a service that offers quality care in the comfort of your own home.


    The care must be recommended by your doctor as an alternative to a hospital stay. The Hospital Benefit pays for IV infusions, postnatal care, end-of-life care, as well as wound care.

    Which option suits you best?

    How do you decide what health cover you need or can afford? You’ll have to do research and get specific quotes for cost and details of what’s on offer.

    Discovery Health offers 23 different plan options, and their simple hospital plan such as their Core Series is most sought after. Check out a plain hospital plan as well as a hospital plan with day-to-day cover from the Smart Series.

    You’ll discover a cool health-cover option from Discovery that suits you best.

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