Fedhealth Hospital Plans Are Affordable Medical Aid

    July 10, 2020

    The government’s plans for the NHI and restructuring of medical aids is all just talk for now. Crime within the government’s ranks and the coronavirus give them something more pressing to concentrate on. You should look for Fedhealth hospital plans for coverage meanwhile.

    That means making your own provision for healthcare.

    Investigate affordability of Fedhealth hospital plans

    People are struggling financially. Hospital plans have become the more affordable option over medical aid plans. Hospital plans cover hospital services when in hospital.

    Not all hospital plans are the same. Some provide members with a limited savings account for day-to-day use. Others offer plans with day-to-day cover.

    Hospital plans come from the medical aids of South Africa and insurance companies. We look at what Fedhealth Medical Scheme offers.

    Fedhealth Hospital Plans Keep the Whole Family Healthy

    Fedhealth Hospital Plans – worth a ‘Look-See’

    Fedhealth has been operating since 1936. They provide South Africans with quality, affordable health care options.

    They’re financially secure too, maintaining a steady AA-Global credit rating. They’ve got reserves well over the required 25%.

    They offer different hospital plans, but we’re going to look at their FlexiFed 1. It’s their most affordable hospital plan. It’s what cash strapped South Africans want.

    They also offer their flexiFed 2 which is a good plan for young families. You’ll find good childhood benefits as well as maternity benefits. With the plan you also have access to a MediVault and Wallet. This is cover for those unforeseen day-to-day medical expenses.

    A hospital plan for the young and healthy

    • The Flexifed 1 is the hospital plan we’re looking at. It’s a good choice for the young and healthy. It’s an affordable plan that provides medical aid cover at a great price.
    • Like the Flexifed 2 plan you also have access to MediVault and Wallet for those medical bills that crop up suddenly.
    • Basic cover for 4 main benefits plus additional benefits.
    • Your chronic medication is covered.
    • Screening and general health risk assessments are covered.
    • These option-specific benefits help your day-to-day savings last longer. You get take-home medicines for post-hospitalisation as well as 30 days of treatment after a stay in hospital.
    • Threshold Benefit for when your claims have reached a certain level.
    • You get unlimited network hospitalisation.
    • Like the Flexifed 2, you get generous maternity cover with network specialists.
    • If you use non-network GPs, cover is up to 100% of the Fedhealth rate.


    Lots of additional benefits

    This hospital plan comes with a host of additional benefits – post hospitalisation transport for check-ups as well as professional medical advice.  This applies to certain regions only.

    Also, other benefits are –

    • Having access to Fedhealth’s Nurse Line which is 24-hour toll-free. You can get qualified advice from professional nurses.
    • You can also upgrade to a higher option within 30 days when you are experiencing a life-changing event.
    • They also have other useful programmes such as their Emotional Wellbeing Programme, their Weight Management Programme and the GoSmokeFree Smoking Cessation Programme.


    Fedhealth is known for providing South Africans with quality healthcare choices. With medical aid plan premiums skyrocketing up, they’ve come up with a worthwhile alternative – the affordable and ‘peace of mind’ Fedhealth hospital plans.

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