Popular Hospital Plans from Genesis

    July 9, 2020

    Considering your medical needs and your budget will help you decide between having a medical aid plan or a hospital plan. But please do consider these popular hospital plans from Genesis medical aid.


    Many South Africans feel as though they are healthy enough not to require the full package – medical aid. They only see the doctor once a year. For them a hospital plan makes sense.

    Before you make a final decision, a good idea is to make a list of your health needs. See if you can get by with the more affordable hospital plan.

    The next decision is knowing where to get your hospital plan from.  South Africa has many hospital plan providers. They are available from medical aids and insurance companies.

    Popular  hospital plans from Genesis

    Genesis’s medical scheme has these hospital plans. The hospital plans they offer will cater to your needs. They offer good value for money.

    Top-performing plans from Genesis

    Maybe it will help to know that Genesis hospital plans have been rated as one of the best there are in South Africa.

    Popular hospital plans from Genesis cover the entire family

    Members of the Genesis Medical Scheme can choose between 2 hospital plan options – Private Choice and Private.

    • The Private Choice plan has been rated as the top-performing hospital plan in South Africa.
    • Genesis Medical Scheme has been providing affordable medical care plans since 1995.
    • They are a leading open medical scheme in South Africa.
    • The 2 hospital plans will cover you in hospital for both emergency and planned hospital admissions.
    • Both the plans include generous basic dentistry benefits as well as some enhanced dentistry benefits.
    • Beneficiaries on these plans enjoy the same benefits as adult members.
    • You can use any private hospital and doctor or medical specialist in South Africa.
    • The plans cover up to 100- and 200%% of Medical Aid Rates.
    • With the Private option, you get unlimited hospital cover for hospitalisation at any private or state hospital. There is also cover for in- and out of hospital treatment of major medical conditions. Also included are MRI/CT scans as well as cover for 25 chronic conditions.
    • Unless specifically stated otherwise, hospital and related accounts on both hospital plans will be covered at 100% of Medical Aid Rates.
    • Major medical illness.
    • Diagnostic scopes.
    • Emergency medical evacuation.
    • Take note that with Private Choice there are no Medical Savings and no day-to-day cover.
    • This hospital plan is perfect for customers looking for unlimited private hospital cover on a lower budget.


    You’re well looked after

    All Genesis members have the benefit of choosing their preferred doctor and hospital. Members don’t have to take treatment in network hospitals.

    Genesis members also have access to the ER24 Emergency Contact Centre. There is also a 24/7 medical helpline service.

    It doesn’t matter what hospital plan you choose because both of them offer excellent cover full of amazing benefits.

    When you apply for a hospital plan offered by a medical aid such as Genesis, you can’t be refused membership. Simply apply online. A hospital plan from Genesis cover gives you excellent medical care in-hospital and at a much lower cost than a medical aid.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing